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What is Bourgeois Drama anyways? Once we were assigned our topic I went home and looked in my Brockett text and found a helpful synopsis. With the help of the theatre history text I was made aware of the contemporary playwrights- Voltaire, Lillo and Diderot. Also, I discovered the advent of the fourth wall, introduced by Diderot. Along with these, there was a shift in the architecture of the theater toward smaller more intimate stages. These are the aspects of the drama that caught my attention and sparked my interest on how Diderot relates to realism or at least the introduction of it. In class, we decided for our prompt we should focus on the similarities and differences between 18th century English drama and 18th century French drama- specifically through the lens of Lillo and Diderot. I am interested to see how Diderot influenced others in the theatrical world as well as how his work is contrary to the work of Lillo.

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Great first entry to discuss some of your initial questions and discoveries. It's good that you're looking not just at individuals, but also at the production values that characterized this period of history (i.e. the 4th wall). You're also hitting on some interesting historiographic questions such as the relation of bourgeois drama to realism - I wouldn't push this question too far for the purposes of this project, but it might be interesting for you to keep in mind in the future.


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