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1. In terms of this research project, what have you been thinking about this week?
This week has been spent working on motivating others, introducing myself to Diderot text and more of the cultural context surrounding Diderot. While I know that the politics of the time are probably interesting as well, I find it easier to focus on the actual climate of the piece (the audiences it was performed for as well as who was performing) to learn about the time period rather than the political goings on. Hopefully someone else will be covering these aspects...
2. If you have undertaken any research, what did you discover?
Reading the play "A Family Picture" I found some interesting things to focus on.
- while the women show their own volition, they are still ultimately ruled by the men
-a low class woman stands up for herself
-the upper class (governor) is represented as evil, and the father is dumb
-the younger generation holds the power to change as well as the impulse
- I hate these 's' notations!!!
Brockett seems to be a good companion to Bourgeois theater. Lots of information on other playwrights of the time including Voltaire. When was Candide written?
3. How might you relate this research to your work in other classes or rehearsal?
I love being able to read plays that are not normally on the reading lists of classes. Therefore, finding how many plays are electronically available through our library is fantastic. I find myself hating that I will be graduating soon and lose access to these things. If Diderot is the precursor to realism, it would be interesting to try creating (by splicing) a monologue from one of his plays?

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The analysis you make in question number 2 is terrific! Seems like you got a lot out of the comparative essay papers since you're doing a good job at finding general thematic elements rather than looking merely at plot and character.

Excleltn that you're familiarizing yourself with the databases available to you. Let me ask, what woudl be the purpose in splicing a monologue from one of his plays - would this be for the presentation or an individual project? How would you be able to efficiently demonstrate the link to realism?

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