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Ok, so what have I been thinking about in terms of this project this past week. How jumbled and messed up this project is. Is it alright, if I'm honest? I really don't understand what is to be gained through this. It just seems incredibly flawed and misguided, which in turn leaves me feeling misguided. I'm not quick sure how we are expected to present an argument and introduce a topic to a group of people in 20 minutes and all at the same time. It's like meeting the parents on the first date. I just don't feel like we're adequately prepared for this and furthermore I don't think our audience is adequately prepared to engage with our "argument" since, it will be the first time they are even hearing about Bourgeois Drama. That is how, I've been feeling this week.
As for research, that has changed for me twice, in one week this is due to the fact that our focus has changed as we have restructured our "argument." I began researching whether Diderot could be considered a predecessor of realism. What I discovered, is that there is really no consensus, just many opposing opinions. Some say, he certainly brings the idea to the forefront, others that he attempted to and failed. Essentially, with this realization, we chose not to go down this path and instead focus on the more general changes to the theatre that occured during his time and the affect or effect they may or may not have had on French culture and society. This shifted my research to the structure of society and history of France. What I found was that France was a very patriarchal society that put much emphasis on the family. This helps to explain why so much of Diderot's work either focuses or returns to the topic of family, as it does so in Le Pere de Famille.
Just as I have not found a way to relate anything touched on in this class in the past, I am at a loss for how to relate this to any of my other as non of my other classes have any relation to this one.

Thanks again for reading!


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