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Blog 7 & 8

Blog 7: Section Presenations

While all projects had both strong and weak points, some projects from recitation were actually difficult to sit through. Primarily due to the fact that some kids seem to think that the more they say, the more they appear to know the material. Wrong. Presentations were supposed to last between 10-15 minutes, which, if split up efficiently, is a sufficient amount of time to cover the material. However, groups felt the need to talk for upwards of 25 minutes, with the winner taking the gold metal of 35. There's my rant.

Overall the projects were visually interesting, and I enjoyed seeing how each group interpereted their goal visually. The group I will focus on is Goal 7, ensuring environmental sustainability. They had a wealth of bells and wistels, including a pamphlet reiterating the general points of their slide show, and a video compilation of interviews gather peoples opinions on environmental sustainability. Their strongest point conceptually was the gradual shift from a dark background to light, as they moved from present, exessive usage of non-renewable resources to a more sustainable alternative.
However, their content, and purpose of a research project, was surface at best. They looked only at the small scale solutions and options like alternative fuel cars, solar panels for homes, switching to energy efficient appliances and lightbulbs, etc. ...I hear this from TV commercials every day.
I would have liked to hear about (and did from the honors presentation on this goal) green buildings [like anything from here: http://thegreendevelopers.com/ ], or current technology that stems away from non-renewable resources like District Energy [www.districtenergy.com] burning dead/fallen trees instead of coal.

I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the honors presentation, primarily visually.