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Flu Scare

I found this article on the Pioneer Press website. The article is about the increased demand for flu vaccinations. Three children in Minnesota died this year because of the flu causing parents and children to flood clinics in order to protect themselves. The article interviews a family at Children’s Hospital in St. Paul. Children’s Hospital vaccinated more than 1,500 people Saturday. The article also lists information from the CDC on groups that have a higher risk of flu infection such as the elderly and young children. The author (Rachel E. Stassen-Berger) included a quote from a mother whose children attended school with one of the children who died from flu. The article ends with contact information for getting vaccinated.
I think one challenge the author faced when writing this article was to not sensationalize the danger of contracting flu. She included the fact that 3 children had died from the virus, but didn’t try to scare the reader. Instead she laid out how easy it is to get vaccinated. She used a lot of informal sources to make the story more colorful, but also included information from the CDC and the director of infectious disease at Children’s to give the story more credibility.
I also read an article from the Star Tribune’s website about flu vaccines. The Strib article (by Maura Lerner and Josephine Marcotty) told the story from a different angle. The article was about whether or not vaccinations should be done in schools. This article included most of the same statistics as the PPress article and even quoted the same person, but it went more in-depth.
I think the Strib article is more interesting. It includes the same basic information as the PPress, but touches on a bigger issue. The PPress article was almost more like PSA, whereas the Strib article brought up an issue of controversy.