December 3, 2007

Gopher football

Hey, Bennett back at it again. So the season was a little sour and all, but we have a lot of positive momentum rolling into the new year. Got a year of chemistry underneath our belts and still growing. Brewster and the coaching staff is reeling in some quality recruits to help establish our Gopher identity for next season. Although people and fans can only look from the outside in about he situation, I'm here to say that all is going well. The focus for us in the off-season is to get bigger, faster, and stronger. Shit, Illinois made it to the damn Rose Bowl, why can't we?

October 24, 2007

Gopher Fans

Why is it that when all is going well, people seem to have all the excitement in the world, but as soon as things go south people stopp supprotiing and cheering for the Gopher football team. Yeah we have our ups and downs this year and plenty of games we should ahve won. Just think we are rebuilding right now and are very young. Over time well be doing everything that Brewster invisions for the team. Why do we get fair weather fans?