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February 27, 2006

Green Box Project

cole_box2.jpg cole_box3.jpg

Describe the Challenge:
The challenge was to create a project based around Green design. We were challenged to push our design skills, and use un-conventional materials to create a piece that was eco-friendly and make others aware of green living and design. Furthermore, our projects were to be made both visually interesting and functional, equally.

Describe your Creative Process:
I began by deciding what I wanted to portray and create with my project, and came to the conclusion of a coaster set. Next I choose a theme for the set, that being retro. I then sketched ideas for the overall layout of the box, and began to research retro images. After that I matched the images I found with my original qoutes and sayings the would present the audience with a storyline, while at the same time making them aware of green living. I then designed the coasters by cutting them and creatign a boarder that would relfect my retro theme. Next, I created an original logo for the ficitonal bar these would be found at. Finally, put it all together and sealed the coasters.

Describe your Solution:
My final product is that of a coaster set that reflects a retro theme. Also, it provides the user with a storyline to create a conversation piece among many people sitting at the bar. Furthermore, it uses humor as an icebreaker, as well as making the users aware of issues and ideas that represent green living.

List the Box Contents + Design Elements:
The box contains 6 coasters and a section that holds toothpicks. Each coaster has an image and quote on it. Theimages are not original, but royalty free. However, the quotes are original as well as the boarder that runs thourouteach coaster. Also, the image on the top of the box is an original logo for the project, the represents the theme of a retro lounge.

Outline the Green Design Features:
The green design features on my project include recycled scrap wood for the coasters, and non-toxic
modge podge for sealing the coasters. Also, the quotes refelct ideas that will make people more aware of green living. Also, if the project were to be produced, the images and designs on the coasters would be printed by eco-friendly water based ink.

List Specific Eco-Friendly Materials used in this project:
- Recycled scrap wood / Home Depot / $5.98
- Mod Podge / Micheal’s / $3.00
- Akua Kolor Water Based Ink / Lawrence Art Materials / 11.00 euros, or $13.00
( http://www.lawrence.co.uk/shop/index.html?loadfile=catalog238_0.html )

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