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Documenting Place- Park Point

For our final assignment we were split into groups of three to create a piece that was at least 12 feet in one direction. Also, the piece had to document a place, as well as the season of spring. Our group consisted of Trevor Klueg, Shannon Hartmark, and myself. We each chose to do a task in the project that we felt we were strong in. I chose to do photography, Trevor did the illustrations, and Shannon was in charge of the typography.
The place we chose to document was Park Point. After some brainstorming we decided on a theme for our piece. That theme being the Legends and Lore of Park Point. Our piece was influenced by old pirate maps searching for lost treasure. However, we wanted this piece to be used by tourists today as a fun way to get around the penninsula. After we decided on a theme, we created characters that would be the "urban legends" of the park. An example of one of these creatures is the Mutant Rabbit. After that we went to park point to set up pictures and shoot scenes that would later resemble our creatures. Next we brought those pictures back and printed them once, then crumpled them, and scanned them back into the computer to give them an old and worn feel. The next step was to choose type that resembled an old map. Our final typeface we decided on was "Aquiline Two". We formatted our piece to resemble a very old scroll. This way it would be 12 feet long if it was fully unrolled, but at the same time the viewer could control how much they wanted to see at any certain time. I am very pleased with how this project went. I think we did a great job of connecting the type, illustrations, and photography. I feel we work well as a team to develop a solid concept, and saw it all the way through to printing a very visually unified piece.

1. Describe your brainstorming + ideation process.
- Our brainstorming process began with developing a concept based around our place, being park point. We wanted to reach out the tourists who would visit Duluth and park point. To attract them we decided to create urban myths and legends around the site. This way as the tourists where driving or walking the point they could follow along with the piece and play along with the legends, as well as explore more ideas for themselves. We enede up deciding on a scroll format in the sense of a pirate map or treasure map, with a very worn look and design. This would give a sense of history to the site, and make the tourists feel as if they are witnessing histroic aspects of the point. Next we developed many charachters that our scroll would be based on. Then we actually went to park point and snapped photos to resemble the characters we fully developed. Finally, we construceted the whole piece in one file and had it printed on a 12 foot roll of paper.

2. Describe how you worked as a team + divided the tasks of
typography, photography and illustration.
- We worked as a team to create the overall concept and idea behind the piece. We then seperated into individual tasks. I acted as the photographer, Trevor was the illustrator, and Shannon was the typographer. After we completed our individual tasks, we came together again to organize the final layout of the piece.

3. Describe problems that came up as you worked with the physical qualities of
materials and size ... How did your team solve these issues?
- The main problem we had with this assignment was the printing at Shel/Don. We specifically asked for a proof, but they decided to run the final prints before they even called us about a proof. This was a let down because it put us a day behind our schedule and we were not able to experiment with "destroying" or adding ware and tare to the piece. This was a minor set back, but the overall piece turn out great, and I am very pleased that we decided to print it big and on one sheet.

4. Reflect on how the diverse design elements work together and create unity in
the final piece.
- The main unifying factor in this piece is the worn feel we were trying to create like an old map. I think we nailed it. All of the line qualities are spot on, and the digital distortions of the piecec gives it the old feel we were shooting for. Also, another major unifying factor is that all the creatures and their stories are laid out in the same manner through the entire piece, this is appealing to viewersw because they are able to read this almost liek a story, and they do not need to search for information.

5. In what ways does your design generate visual or conceptual surprise?
- I feel the surprise comes from the creatures themselves. They balance along the line of reality, and for anyone who has not been to park point before will be definatly surprised and hopefully buy into the legends on the scroll.

6. How does your work represent impeccable craftsmanship?
- I feel that because we printed it as one big piece, it is very clean and unified. There is a sense that this is a real thing when it is printed as one unit. Furthermore, because the whole piece is so unified, that really brings the digital craftsmanship up a big notch.

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Yeah, Cole, you make us sound legit.
This project is pretty seemless, literally because we're printing this off all professional like. I hope we don't get no nasty surprizes from Shell/don however, this is the first time I'm actually going through a professional shop to do my labor.

I really liked your last project. Your team did a great job with everything in it. The combination of the playful drawings, pictures, and hand colligraphy (sp?) style font worked really well in the whole piece. I like how it was one big piece of paper in a scroll format. The grayscale was nice too (and easy on the wallet). Although I think it would be nice if you could have died it somehow with coffee or tea bags. It would be a lot of work on something that large. It wasnt needed by any means but might be nice if you were going to put it in a show. Good job to all!!!