April 24, 2006

In a Continuous State of Becoming

This article discusses the ideas of creating a design culture that thinks in directions, especially looking and thinking forward with design. The author of the article, Veronique Vienne, focuses the article on how design should be made for "tomorrow". She emphasizes that the things we create as designers will need to "sustainable". We will also need to consider the entire life and process of the project, from conception to completion. For example, Vienne cites a current project by Victor Chu, in which he developing a cell phone casing that is biodegradable and contains plant seeds, which can be planted after the phone is out of use. She also mentions that remanufacturing, which involves using previously assembled parts to make new products, will take over recycling. According to Vienne, what this means for us as designers is that we must think of ways to create good that can be both assembled and dismantled simply. We can use this idea of remanufacturing to design products that are more universal, and streamline so they can be applied to as many good as possible. The main idea I feel the author is trying to express is applying the ideas of "green" design and living, to essentially corporate America. Not that they should make computers out of tree bark, but that the thought of "remanufacturing" allows for only a certain amount of small products to be made, which can be applied to many different goods, which will in turn drastically reduce the mass production and waste that we live with now. I feel this idea could get to the point where you have one small machine the runs almost everything from your car, to the microwave, to an airplane. By lessening the amount of products we create, we will essentially create a society the functions much simpler and is easier to maintain.
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