April 17, 2006

ABXRR (Anti-biotics Resistence Resistence)

For this project, we hooked up with Jamie Harvie to create and develop an identity piece for a new health concious campaign, focusing on the harmful effects of things such as chemicals, and the overuse of anti-biotics in our society. He first presented us with a name for the campaign, this being the Anti-biotics Resistence Resistence. This title was in reference to the over-use of anti-biotics in our society to stop things such as bacteria and disease. However, this overload in turn makes us more resistent to those anti-biotics, and eventually make us immune to the anti-biotics, so when we actually are sick the anti-biotcs will not be able to work because we have become immune to them. ( Stick with me ) Essentially, we are unknowingly being pumped with anti-biotics through things such as food, to the point that they will become useless in times of actual sickness.

Project: ABXRR
The title was shortened to just "ABXRR" for the logo, and other visual reasons. The next step in the design process was to create a logo that would illustrate the ideas behind the resistence. We began by creating thumbnails and sketchs and sharing ideas. We were pulling from many influences and styles ranging from illustration and cartoons, to graffiti and propaganda poaters. We finally settled on a logo that represented almost a mix between military and science lab. The type is set in Stencil and the "X" in the middle of the design is represented using a very organic bacteria strand.
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