January 30, 2006

First Things First

A Graphic Designer's Manifesto


In the year 2000, graphic designer's renewed the original call for skills that was written in 1964. This assignment was based around those ideals. My idea for this poster was to create a propaganda poster for this topic. I felt the manifesto was calling for some type of revolution in design, and I wanted to represent that. I did this by creating a central image that would stand out, and catch peoples eye. I wanted other designers to know the topic when they immedietly saw the poster. The visual hieracy of this poster starts with the headline, "First Things First", then moves to the image, which I feel represents what is discussed in the final part of the poster, and that is the manifesto itself. I wanted to it in the style of a propaganda poster to call other designers attention to the issues discussed. Also the propaganda poster would focus this poster to a select target audience, that being other designers who have a background in histroical graphic design.

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