Image.jpgIn trying to brainstorm about this assignment, I made a chart of things related to cookies. One common them I noticed was the fall and holidays, so I decided it would be a good idea to think about cookies in the context of fall things: thanksgiving, pumpkins, baking, cinnamon, etc. To me, one idea that stood out was pumpkin pie.

Pumpkin pie is, of course, not exactly a cookie. But I thought about how I could use it anyway. I decided that simply making pumpkin pie flavor cooking is not all that novel or interesting, but making cookies that are pumpkin pies and cookies in one seemed a bit more unique.

IMG_20131028_091535.jpgNow that I had an idea of what I wanted my cookies to be, it was time to see if I could make them work (are they feasible). I made a base cookie dough using the basic 1:2:3 ratio of sugar to fat to flour, then I added a few extra items to one cookie at a time, including cinnamon, extra fat, a little (extra) water, vanilla, "Sugar in the Raw". I baked these cookies, and taste tested them. I found vanilla, cinnamon, and sugar in the raw to be a tasty and not overpowering combination, with the sugar in the raw giving them an interesting little crunch (though I'm not sure others will like it as much as me). I also noticed that they were all a bit under-sweetened for my idea of a cookie.

Next, I used my preferred version of cookie dough, and tried to find a way to make it an effective crust for some pumpkin pie filling. I made the filling according to the recipe on the can (I thought I would treat the filling as a single ingredient), but found it was too thin to make a good part of a cookie; it was very hard to contain on the cookies. I made a new batch of filling, but skipped the condensed milk, and replaced part of the sugar with splenda (in the past, I have found sugar to thin out the texture of most fruits). With this version of filing, I could contain it with minimal trouble, I baked a few to figure out how long they took to cook, and found that about 20-25 minutes gave me an unburned cookie with fully cooked pie filling!

While there are many more extreme ideas I thought of, I feel like this was a good level of new and interesting, while maintaining a clear idea of being a cookie.


Cool idea to try and convert pie to cookie. I would have liked to hear more about the texture of the cookie…was it just like a pumpkin flavored cookie or more like a mini-pumpkin pie? I think it would've been cool if you had done more experimenting with shape or mixing flavors as well- pumpkin cookies have definitely been done and probably something that most people thought of initially since pumpkin is very popular right now. Otherwise I liked how you documented your process with finding the right balance of milk and sugar.

I think it was a good idea to start with an associative map in this exercise, it could probably push you a bit further from the pumpkin pie at the end of October though. I like how you modified the recipe and experimented until you got the result that you were looking for. If you included the image of the cookies, it would be easier to memorize if I actually tried the cookies or not, but I'm sure the combination of vanilla, cinnamon, and sugar worked very well.

Including your mind map was a great touch for the blog post. However, I would have liked more photos in the post, especially (as Masha said) one of the finished product. I do like how your text flows around the photos in your blog post; it makes the post feel more dynamic. As far as the idea goes, I feel that pumpkin is dangerously overdone in this season, so some serious innovation would be required to make me feel it's creative. I'm not sure you made it there: I've definitely seen mini pumpkin pies or tarts before, but I give you credit for trying to figure it out on your own.

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