Assignment 2


Part 1
To get in a creative mindset, I listened to the Penn's Sunday School Podcast, and Wait Wait Don't Tell Me on NPR

Part 2
Once I was in a good creative mindset, I made a mind map about winter.

Image (2).jpg

I am particularly interested in looking at:

  • Building Snow Forts

  • Hot Drinks

  • Black Friday Shopping

Part 3
Finally, I used a form of cross products to combine ideas from my mind map into interesting product possibilities, picking the ten best to sketch out and upload here.












One of the biggest things I learned from this process is: do not forget/delay a creative project until the last day, as it will be extremely difficult to be creative while feeling rushed! On a related note, deciding that you simply are not going to make reduces that stress a lot, and allows much better work!

Having scanner issues on top of feeling rushed really takes away the feeling of success though!


Hello Andrew:
You did a great job to prepare a creative mindset. Listening to the radio is already creative enough compare to watching a TV show on my own computer. :) I like the way you had your cross-product list and you actually showed us where your ideas were coming from. Your Cross Cookies idea could totally be in your first assignment! Because it’s valuable, feasible and creative! Your Black Friday Pie image looks like an illustration (storyboard), and it’s good you applied our previous sketching class skills to this assignment. However, this is also my suggestion to you, maybe you can type the titles and brief descriptions of your ideas, so the readers will understand your creation better? Because right now I feel kind of confused reading some of your images.
Hope you can fix your scanner issues soon;)
Annika Yan

Hi Andrew,

I liked the part where you made another cross products map after you decided on which three three sub-themes to choose. I think it was a great idea generation for your 10 product ideas. However, I do think your map is a little bit hard to read. Maybe just try to be a little bit neater on the writing next time?
Most of your ideas were very futuristic (or maybe not even feasible in the future?), but I loved those futuristic ideas! They were definitely not achievable (at this stage or unachievable at all in the future), but I felt thinking outside the box, or even thinking outside the technology availability would definitely bring many better ideas into a design.
One suggestion for the idea of [crash cards]: it seemed like the cards are a stress relief simply because they are fun to read, what about if they contains some chemical or even a smell that makes you relax under a stress condition?
And lastly, I do agree your statement of [do not forget or delay a creative project until the last day]!

I understand that you rushed this, but here are some things that you may be aware of and didn't have time to correct.

Color/pictures in the mind map would have been nice to promote creativity and get you thinking beyond the words.
Proofreading is a powerful tool.
Making additional connections in your mind map might have sparked new offshoots. It appears as though you kept it very limited in a proximity sense.
Adjusting the contrast for the mind map and cross products images would have been helpful.

Good call on the cross products style idea generation.

Hey Andrew,

Here are my suggestion for improvements:

Either use a darker pen when writing on the mind map, or make it lager because it is hard to read some of the smaller text with the really fine line.
I understand that you were trying to have a main and sub category in different line weights, but in this case I would maybe consider color instead of line weight.

Your ideas are great! so many smart ideas :)
Think about the layout of the whole post. All your sketches are very close to each others, which makes some of them blend together! (if the title if not on the top). maybe have more space between each image?

But, overall I think you sketches are well done and well presented!

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