Assignment 5


Structured Idea Generation

First, I used the scamper methods to generate new concepts based on the "product" of store employees.





Put to other uses:



TRIZ is a method to find ways of dealing with common problems using categories and a large table.
I chose "Loss of Information" and "Loss of Time" as my two problem areas. Looking these up on the chart, I found that my problems may be solved using four types of solution: triz.png

  • 24. 'Intermediary'
    Use an intermediary carrier article or intermediary process.
    - Carpenter s nailset, used between the hammer and the nail
    Merge one object temporarily with another (which can be easily removed).
    - Pot holder to carry hot dishes to the table

  • 26. Copying
    Instead of an unavailable, expensive, fragile object, use simpler and inexpensive copies.
    - Virtual reality via computer instead of an expensive vacation
    - Listen to an audio tape instead of attending a seminar.
    Replace an object, or process with optical copies.
    - Do surveying from space photographs instead of on the ground.
    - Measure an object by measuring the photograph.
    - Make sonograms to evaluate the health of a fetus, instead of risking damage by direct testing.
    If visible optical copies are already used, move to infrared or ultraviolet copies.
    - Make images in infrared to detect heat sources, such as diseases in crops, or intruders in a security system.

  • 28. Mechanics substitution
    Replace a mechanical means with a sensory (optical, acoustic, taste or smell) means.
    - Replace a physical fence to confine a dog or cat with an acoustic *fence* (signal audible to the animal).
    - Use a bad smelling compound in natural gas to alert users to leakage, instead of a mechanical or electrical sensor.
    Use electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields to interact with the object.
    - To mix 2 powders, electrostatically charge one positive and the other negative. Either use fields to direct them, or mix them mechanically and let their acquired fields cause the grains of powder to pair up.
    Change from static to movable fields, from unstructured fields to those having structure.
    - Early communications used omnidirectional broadcasting. We now use antennas with very detailed structure of the pattern of radiation.
    Use fields in conjunction with field-activated (e.g. ferromagnetic) particles.
    - Heat a substance containing ferromagnetic material by using varying magnetic field. When the temperature exceeds the Curie point, the material becomes paramagnetic, and no longer absorbs heat.

  • 32. Color changes
    Change the color of an object or its external environment.
    - Use safe lights in a photographic darkroom.
    Change the transparency of an object or its external environment.
    - Use photolithography to change transparent material to a solid mask for semiconductor processing. Similarly, change mask material from transparent to opaque for silk screen processing.

Using these categories, I made a list of new ideas, a few of which are sketched below.




Improving Ideas from Brainstorming


Final Ten












Some of your ideas were great. Some not so much. I might have misread the task, but I think at this point they should all be practical. Shrinking an employee is not yet doable. I think we were also to have 20 final ideas (to cull this week), and it looks like some of yours are duplicated. However, some of your ideas are genius and I am sure that stores will be trying them out.

Looking at the ideas you produced using the SCAMPER technique was really interesting. The pocket-sized employee caught my eye first because it was humorous, but as we learned, often what makes you laugh has something to it. I think this idea you could explore further into something that can be a feasible product or system. The images in your blog are very nice since there is no background and they are large enough. Your final 10 ideas seem good (I'm pretty sure it was only 10 that we needed). A couple of them could be developed further such as the 'combine: employee and costumer'. How would this be done? I can see the smartphone connection to employees app becoming a reality.
Have a good Thanksgiving!

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