Assignment 7


Idea Selection and Pitch

Concept Selection

To choose my final concept, I used a Pugh chart.


I found that the Christmas gift registry did not fit my needs very well, and that peer to peer customer service and amazon-style reviews and suggestions were only alright. My two concepts that best fit my goals were the employee contact app, and the augmented reality app.
To decide between these, I went mainly on feasibility; the employee contact app is significantly simpler, though both are completely possible with the right backing.

Product Name

I found this section difficult, as we were told not to get too abstract with the name, nor try to be cutesy. Coming up with an interesting name that is also descriptive is something I struggle with.


I really like "[Store Name] Holiday Helper" in keeping with the winter/holiday shopping theme, however, I think this app has too much value throughout the year to market it as just a holiday thing.

I chose "Beacon" as a moderately meaningful name that doesn't just say exactly what it is. Depending on how it was marketed, this could be left as simply Beacon, or could become something like Target Beacon for better branding.


Elevator Pitch Video


Hi Benson,
I thought if you had listed the top 5 ideas with a short description would have give a heads up before the Pugh Chart.

Employee contact App is a nice idea, but just wondering if you could leverage the shopping stores contact services that would already exist. Also how much does this app cost? Is there a separate app for each store? I am not sure how it would save time for the store if thousands of customers are using the App at a time seeking help.

-- Shiv


First off, I appreciate the cleanliness of your blog, nice images and concise text that's easy to read. I think your Idea is hitting on an issue that many people struggle with. I think that it my be better to focus more on the part of the app that helps you locate the items in the store by yourself. I think what brings people to this app is that fact that they don't want to have to interact with store employees or there aren't always employees available. Working with the store to create an interactive, searchable map would alleviate some of these issues.


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