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September 30, 2007

Regarding the Happiness Test Results

I found our class's results to be not only fairly accurate for describing a random sample of people, but also very typical. People defined happiness as knowing oneself, doing something meaningful, being free, being without stress or cares, & just feeling good. But when it came to answering the question Who is responsible for your happiness? a majority of the persons surveyed gave someone else the job. I find it rather odd that so many people would turn over their happiness to others. It's good to count on people, but come on. You and only you are responsible for your happiness. You don't always feel as if you can control it, and sometimes you can't help feeling bad, but it's your own emotion, not someone else's. I think other people can add to or detract from your happiness, but they never determine it. The thing is, so many people let others take control of their emotional well-being that their answers to the second question are as good as true, even though they shouldn't be.

September 28, 2007

Meaningful Work

For me, i would like a steady job where I wouldn't have to dive around all the time place to place. I want a full time job with set hours. The field of study i've been wanting to get a job in for the longest time is Radiology. To me, radiology wold be a meaningful job...you would be able to help others, be around people 24/7 and not sitting in a cubicle by yourself. I like being able to work with people and satisfy them. i have had the same job now for 4 1/2 years. I want a job also that you can make your way up to the top. Like the job I have now, when I started 4 1/2 years ago I was the underdog with no experience and now that I have stayed there this long I am a manager and get to teach the underdogs what to do, and it's a lot of fun!

September 25, 2007

Personally Meaningful Work

My career needs to mean something to me. I won't be able to justify getting up every morning and heading off to an unfulfilling job. That's why finding the right job is so important and, consequently, so difficult. I like thinking of myself being in the same field, job-wise, for the rest of my life (same field meaning I might change jobs, but I'd like to keep working on the same kind of thing). The hard part about that desire is that I can't seem to decide upon my chosen field of study. All I know for certain are things I really, really don't want to do. For example, working in a cubicle for some enormous company where the mere size of the company and my place in a cubicle suggest my unimportance. I'm going to be important. I mean it. Because I won't settle for working somewhere where I'm just another number, another mid-level employee. Perhaps that kind of job has meaning to other people, but it's not for me. Where I'd really like to be is in a position where I can help people--by informing them of things, helping them cope with stuff, trying to explain things to them, that kind of thing. That would be incredibly meaningful, and it's something I can see myself doing for life.

September 24, 2007


I believe that happiness is when you are content and have no mixed emotions...you have no worries or regrets. You can sit back and relax and nothing bothers you or stops you. In order to be happy it's up to yourself. Even though many things/people may cause you to be unhappy you are the one that is in control of dealing with the situations you can make them better or worse depending on how you cope with things. Everyone does have ups and downs but in order to get into those ups and out of the down all has to deal with how good you can handle your own emotions.

Working with diverse individuals

I have had several experiences working with diverse people. First, I went to Rwanda, Africa this summer which was a totally different culture and I learned how to adapt and operate in a different culture. I have also been a 4-H camp counselor for several years which has helped me deal with all types of children. Some have had developmental disorders and some had special needs. Because I was a counselor, I was able to learn how to deal with all different types of children. Also, right now I am learning more about different cultures because Morris has such a diverse campus. There are people from all around the world who attend Morris, and I find myself interacting with them and observing them through which I learn more about working with diverse people.

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Working in an organization with no long-term security

I really have no desire to work at a place which is going to want me to leave after a certain period of time. I want to be able to get a nursing job in a small town and work there as a nurse and raise my
family. I do not believe nursing is a career where they try to only employ people for a certain period of time and then try to make them go to a different practice. Nursing is based on years of experience
and no matter where you are working; you will have the same years of experience so you will cost the facility the same amount to be employed no matter where you are. This is yet another reason why I
think nursing is a great option for me.

Interpersonal Skills

I tend to work well with others and try to put everyone's idea together to form one idea which everyone agrees on. Also, I am good at listening to peoples problems. I guess you could say I would be a
good mediator. So, if something could not be agreed upon between two or more of my co-workers, I think I would be a good person to help them settle the dispute.

Life Roles

I have many life roles which are important to me. First of all I am a daughter and sister to my parents and siblings. This role is extremely important because my family is important to me. I am involved in their lives as they are involved in mine. Because of this relationship, I attend family events and do things with my family which takes up a great portion of my days. I am also a girlfriend which is also an important role to me. I am very close with my boyfriend and we are able to talk about everything. He is a very important part of my life and I spend quality time with him which also occupies me a great deal. Another bit role I have is being a friend. I have several friends from high school which I am still in close contact with. I care about them greatly and vis versa. Because of this, I spend time talking, helping, and hanging out with my friends. One final major role I have is being a student. This role has just changed this year because I am now a college student instead of a high school student. Different things are demanded of me and my time, and I spend a good amount of time studying and participating in college life.

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September 23, 2007

Hospitals & doctor's offices are so cold & sterile

Science of many kinds holds a huge fascination for me. I've considered going into something "science-related" for years, but that's as specific as I like to get when people ask. I'd love to be a doctor, for the title and the position. Specifically, I'd like to be a Dermatologist. I guess skin conditions can be horribly grotesque to examine and study, but I find them surprisingly interesting and even non-repulsive in a way. Skin is the most exspansive organ of the human body, but I don't really think of it as an organ. Perhaps that's the reason it doesn't gross me out? I'm not sure. Either way, reminding myself that it is, in fact, an organ always makes it sound that much more appealing to learn about. It's like it's this hidden & hugely-important part of me, because I often forget what role it plays, but it's right there, surrounding me and every other vital thing I'm made up of. For these reasons, I'd love to be a dermatologist, but there are a few major problems standing in my way. The first is that I really don't want to go to med school and continue hardcore schooling for years and years beyond undergrad school. The second is that I absolutely despise being in doctor's offices and hospitals for extended periods of time. They're just so cold and uninviting and sterile. Ick. I'm sure I could get my own office at some point, but that would be after years of working under people in hospitals and doctor's offices. There are plenty of other professions I know I'd enjoy, and several of them require no med school, so I do have other options...but being a dermatologist sounds so awesome.


My 10th grade government teacher once asked my class this question: "What would life be like without challenges?" At first, my classmates and I just stared at each other with blank thoughts. Then, with a few seconds of thought I envisioned pure and utter catastrophe. Challenges, as I understood in my 10th grade class, are a necessity of life. We need challenges to push forward and meet certain goals. After asking my class that question, my government teacher went on to assign my class to make a list of 10 goals we hoped to achieve in our life times. I can't remember everything I wrote down but the top 3 were something like this: 1) Go skydiving! 2) Run a marathon 3) Drive a zamboni. These goals represent challenges. My 10th grade gov't teacher wasn't just telling me to write these things down but to go out and do them. So far I have only achieved 1 of these: running a marathon. Challanges and goals are important because they can help describe what things I like to do. They also make me think about how I will be able to achieve them. Running a marathon was probably the hardest thing I've ever done but it was well worth it. My next challenge is to find what I want to do for a profession in my future.

Developmental Crisis

Merriam-Webter's Online Dictionary defines a crisis as "an unstable or crucial time or state of affairs in which a decisive change is impending." One crucial point I experienced was when I failed kindergarten. I can't remember everything in vivid detailb but I will do my best. I had been having trouble in kindergarten and I couldn't get any extra help. It was a huge class and the teacher didn't have any time to spare to be helping me. Anyways I repeated kindergarten and continued my grades up until the 3rd grade. That was when I realized that I was a year older than all of my classmates. I felt dumb so I decide I wanted to skip a grade to be put back into my correct age group. The way I saw it was that I had a problem and I needed to fix it. So i did. I got tutored and took some tests to officially skip a grade. This experienced shaped my academic life and has made me a better student.

What is Unique About Me?

In order to understand what it is I want to do in my life, I am going to need to understand myself. This is a paradox. If I knew exactly who I was than I would have no problem figuring out where I want to go and who I want to be. Therefore, I will start with one question: what is unique about myself? Well, ever since a child I have considered myself as creative. Imagination can make even the most arbitrary momemts a little more exciting. For example, instead of paying attention in my math class, I would often imagine different adventures in which my math teacher was the antagonist and me; the valiant protagonist. Somtimes I would prevail, other times my sinister math teacher would succeed in making my life miserable. Imagination? What can I do and where can I go with that? One idea I have been beginning to form is some sort of video game creator or story writer. I enjoy video games so I figured this could be a possibility.

One of my favorite video games:


My interests have always been formed and fueled by exposure to new and curious things. The same, no doubt, is true of most people. As a kid, my parents took me to everything from museums to theatrical performances to old battle fields. I failed to appreciate most of these, but the experiences stuck with me nonetheless. As I got older, I thought of these educational trips as quite essential to my weekends and slowly began to appreciate the great scope of my resulting random knowledge. True, I remembered few facts, but my knowledge was more vast than simple fact-based samplings; instead, it consisted of irreplaceable emotive memories. These memories of countless trips and events contribute enormously to my variety of interests. In the right circumstances, I not only respect, but also enjoy, art, music, history, literature, nature, technology, exercise, science, nutrition, and many other things besides. On the surface, this appears to be a rather usual array of interests, but don't be fooled; each subject listed (and many not listed) goes so deep and possesses such a different meaning to me that I really am quite well-rounded if I do say so myself. At the same time, it becomes increasingly clear to me every day that there's an endless assortment of things I have had little to no exposure to, and that's what makes life so spectacular--I'll never run of out new things to be interested in.

September 21, 2007

Future Plans

When I was younger I went through the stage I think every child goes through when they think of waht they want to be when they grow up....doctor, teacher, nurse, etc. After doing different job shadows my senior year I particularly liked the Radiology field. At first i was thinking a radiologic technologist, but to narrow it down I would love to be a sonographer (specialize in ultrasounds). What also helped me know what it was I wanted to go for, I had my son 3 1/2 months ago and having all the ultrasounds made me like the job even more! So for my future plans I hope to become a Sonographer and work in a bigger city not too big at least bigger than Morris and support my son.

September 19, 2007

Useful Links on Personal Finance

In addition to choosing a career and a lifestyle, you will need to learn how to manage money and finances. Here are some useful links on personal finance and budgeting:



Under water dream house

well this is old but i thought i would do it anyways,
so the topic was my DREAM home and ever since i was young i imagined living in a house that would be underwater perhaps on a reef so i could see the fishes, i did a search and here are some pictures of what it may or may not look like.



Right now, I believe I'm just past the beginning phase of becoming an adult. The book says you have to think of yourself as an adult, which I do because I'm 18, but there are many other factors which contribute to this. First of all, I'm a very young 18 year old. I'm in college and on my own, making my own decisions; however, I sometimes still consult my parents about these decisions. Another aspect of being an adult which comes to my mind is having a full-time job and family. Right now I do not want either. I've thought about what kind of job and family I want but am not emotionally or fiscally ready. Nor am I responsible enough for it either. I do know I would like to live on a farm with my family and be a nurse. I would like to have my oldest child be a boy because I am the oldest girl in my family and I always wanted an older brother. I also really want to adopt a child from Africa. I've always wanted to adopt a child from a foreign country, but since I went to Africa on my missions’ trip, I fell in love with the people. Therefore, I want to adopt a child from Africa.

Parents pattern vs. my patterns

Scary as it may seem, my parents and I have a lot in common which may be true for many people. My parents are both simple, down to earth, hardworking people. They live on a farm and have three children. They both believe the only way to get something is to work extremely hard for it, this is a lesson I learned when I was quite young from both of them. Because of this, I am a perfectionist and everything I do has to be done 110%. My parents are also religious and we attend church every Sunday as a family. Because of this, I have become extremely interested in my faith and am very active and interested in church and its activities. My parents and I have always lived in an extremely small town and I always wondered why they liked it. But now I realize why they do and I too want to live on a farm in a rural community. It's scary to think I want the same life (well close to) as my parents have given me especially because I always said I would never be like my mom and dad.

Skills for My Wonderful Life

Music skills will be a necessary part of my life. Here is my favorite instrument:


My Dream Home...

My dream home would have to be in minnesota because i would not want to leave my family, because all of my family lives here. i want a house on a lake front with lots of windows, especially to watch the sunrise in the mornings. Living on a lake would be so relaxing. i have always wanted to live on a lake ever since i was a young girl. I would go to my cousins cabin adn just sit out on the dock for hours and swing my feet in the water. i want my house to have 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms a huge kitchen. I also want my house to be really open with a huge fireplace. This is a picture of house I would want as my own!...

How my career plan emerged

Ever since I was little, I wanted to be a teacher just like my mom. She's a gym teacher and I'm really into sports so everything just seemed to fit. However, during my junior and senior year of high school I started exploring options like nursing and physical therapy because there is no job security in teaching anymore. Especially in small towns which is where I want to live. So, I was trying to decide between teaching, physical therapy, and nursing. I decided on nursing because teaching has no job security, and in order to be a physical therapist I would need to get a biology major which I'm not crazy about therefore leaving me with nursing. I believe nursing will be a great occupation for me because I love the health field and I love helping people. One of my close friends just became a nurse and my cousin is almost a nurse also. In talking with them about nursing, they told me nursing is about helping people and creating a relationship with them. This also leads me to believe I will be great at nursing because that description is me.

September 16, 2007

Happiness Survey

1. What does happiness mean to you?
Happiness is contentment. Happiness is being completely and utterly restful--not worrying about anything or regretting anything. Happiness is the near-unobtainalbe state of mind in which we want nothing, need nothing, and cannot help but smile.

2. Who is responsible for your happiness?
If this were a trick question, I would say, "Obviously, I'm supposed to say I and only I." As much as there is truth in this answer, no one wants to hear it. Even I don't want to hear it. The knowledge that I had total control over my happiness sounds like it'd be pretty sweet, but I feel as if I know the contrary: Others have so much to do with my happiness that they can make or break my mood with a single word. It's not that I want others to be responsible for my happiness--because I know that, ultimately, it comes down to me--it's just that other people do have a lot to do with my happiness. That's life.

September 14, 2007

Interests and Values in Life

I'm extremely excited to have a family and a close family life. However, I also want to work as a nurse. In order for this to happen my job needs to be flexible which I believe nursing is. My interests when I have a full time job and family will be my family, friends, and horses, so my job will need to be able to fit around those things. I need to be able to take a week or two off in order to go on a vacation with my family. Also, I need to be able to go to church with my family on Sunday mornings so working on Sundays is not really a feasible option for me.

My Future

Right now my plan is to get an RN degree from Southwest MN State. However, the classes I am taking right now will help me if I ever decide to get my BSN. After this semester there are really no more nursing classes I can take here so I am planning on transferring to Northwestern College in St. Paul and taking some classes I really want to before starting a nursing program. I haven't had any direct experience with nursing but I often help take care of sick friends and family and help others when they are injured. I would also help my teammates with health problems. I was trying to decide between elementary education, physical therapy, and nursing and I decided elementary education doesn't have the job stability I want. I found out when I got to Morris I would need a biology major for physical therapy and then decided I didn't want a biology major so I decided on nursing and I'm really excited about it.

September 12, 2007

my dream life

My dream houses would be located in minnesota, colorado, or california. Probably stay in minnesota for a while then move somewhere else, but my house will be a big elegant house. It will have a good amount of garage space for my top of the line cars, many bedrooms and bathrooms, nice granite top counters with nice kitchen equipment, wood floors in almost every room, a huge basement for whatever the kids want, a game room, big backyard and deck, and maybe even on or near a lake. My house will consist of many expensive pieces of furniture or equipment needed to fulfill my beautiful wifes needs along with mine. : )


September 10, 2007

A link to Erica's personal blog


My Dream Home

Where do I want to live? There are countless places and countless possibilities but I am fairly certain that I would like to live some place warm. Minnesota winters are simply not my thing. Harsh wind, frostbitten fingers and devastating winter storms define my opinions of Minnesota winters. I love being outside and that is harder to do when it is 50 below and everything is frozen. California, Texas, maybe even some place more exotic like Spain would be a better choice for me.


>>this is a picture of something i might have in mind ^

My Dream Home

I was born in The Netherlands and I think that has always given me an itch to explore the world as soon as I could. I have done a lot of travelling around the country and a little in Europe, but I am not satisfied. I think my dream home would be anywhere in the world that I could experience new things and face my challenges head on. I don't want to stay in any one place, but I could see myself having a place that feels more like home than anywhere else and to head back there throughout my life. I am not sure where that is yet, I haven't found it, but if I knew, that's where I would look up the housing market. I don't plan on going after money in my career, I want to do something that fulfills a much more important part of me. I don't need any fancy homes or expensive views, I can find those without having to live with it. Where ever I end up and can afford to be will be just fine with me.

I'd love to live everywhere...

Traveling makes up a substantial part of my life to date. Thus far, I have explored only this country, but that will soon be changing since I plan to study abroad as much as possible whenever possible in the years to come. For my home base, however, I should like to own a place in good old Minnesota--my favorite state. Yes, I am biased, having lived here my whole life, but biased or not, I love it here; why shouldn't I stay? Traveling requires the will to establish temporary homes in so many different and unfamiliar places that having a central home somewhere familiar is really quite necessary. Thus, Minnesota is the spot for me. To be more specific, I'd like a home in the Twin Cities since they have always been the center for amazing activites in Minnesota. I'd like a practical house in a friendly neighborhood with good security and a nice garden. I don't need anything too large and flashy since I'll be home only when I am not traveling. Of course, I'd like to be home often enough to enjoy the place, but that's a completely different matter.

September 6, 2007

My Dream Homes

My dream home would be anywhere where I could have open fields, lakes, and hills to ride horse through. I want to have a two or three level log cabin looking home with a wrap around porch. Also, my home would have a stable and pasture for my horses. The first link is to a house in Cody, Wyoming which would be perfect. The house and 79+ acres are valued at $ 1,820,000. The last link is a picture of some land by my home town, Windom, MN which would be extremely awesome also because I could be close to my family which is important to me. To view the picture, click on the mini picture on the right hand column. It is 3.54 acres and costs $74,900, so the land plus the house would average about $273,700.



UMM's Career Center: A Terrific Resource!

The UM-Morris Career Center has terrific resources for students. Check out this site:


We will spend some time in class exploring the rich information that is here.

September 5, 2007

Housing Costs By State

The cost of housing can be mind-boggling! Check out these stats by state for the median price of a house:

In planning for careers, we will have to think about the cost of the lifestyle we want, and make sure our career options will provide for us. Alternatively, we can choose a different lifestyle.

Source: http://www.midwestsites.com/stellent2/groups/public/documents/pub/mws_am_li_000927.hcsp [Accessed 9/5/07]