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How my career plan emerged

Ever since I was little, I wanted to be a teacher just like my mom. She's a gym teacher and I'm really into sports so everything just seemed to fit. However, during my junior and senior year of high school I started exploring options like nursing and physical therapy because there is no job security in teaching anymore. Especially in small towns which is where I want to live. So, I was trying to decide between teaching, physical therapy, and nursing. I decided on nursing because teaching has no job security, and in order to be a physical therapist I would need to get a biology major which I'm not crazy about therefore leaving me with nursing. I believe nursing will be a great occupation for me because I love the health field and I love helping people. One of my close friends just became a nurse and my cousin is almost a nurse also. In talking with them about nursing, they told me nursing is about helping people and creating a relationship with them. This also leads me to believe I will be great at nursing because that description is me.


Thanks, Pipster, for sharing your career journey with us. It would be interesting to do some internet research on the lack of job security in teaching. I wonder what we could find out concerning reasons why, the extent of the change, and so forth.