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Happiness Survey

1. What does happiness mean to you?
Happiness is contentment. Happiness is being completely and utterly restful--not worrying about anything or regretting anything. Happiness is the near-unobtainalbe state of mind in which we want nothing, need nothing, and cannot help but smile.

2. Who is responsible for your happiness?
If this were a trick question, I would say, "Obviously, I'm supposed to say I and only I." As much as there is truth in this answer, no one wants to hear it. Even I don't want to hear it. The knowledge that I had total control over my happiness sounds like it'd be pretty sweet, but I feel as if I know the contrary: Others have so much to do with my happiness that they can make or break my mood with a single word. It's not that I want others to be responsible for my happiness--because I know that, ultimately, it comes down to me--it's just that other people do have a lot to do with my happiness. That's life.