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Hospitals & doctor's offices are so cold & sterile

Science of many kinds holds a huge fascination for me. I've considered going into something "science-related" for years, but that's as specific as I like to get when people ask. I'd love to be a doctor, for the title and the position. Specifically, I'd like to be a Dermatologist. I guess skin conditions can be horribly grotesque to examine and study, but I find them surprisingly interesting and even non-repulsive in a way. Skin is the most exspansive organ of the human body, but I don't really think of it as an organ. Perhaps that's the reason it doesn't gross me out? I'm not sure. Either way, reminding myself that it is, in fact, an organ always makes it sound that much more appealing to learn about. It's like it's this hidden & hugely-important part of me, because I often forget what role it plays, but it's right there, surrounding me and every other vital thing I'm made up of. For these reasons, I'd love to be a dermatologist, but there are a few major problems standing in my way. The first is that I really don't want to go to med school and continue hardcore schooling for years and years beyond undergrad school. The second is that I absolutely despise being in doctor's offices and hospitals for extended periods of time. They're just so cold and uninviting and sterile. Ick. I'm sure I could get my own office at some point, but that would be after years of working under people in hospitals and doctor's offices. There are plenty of other professions I know I'd enjoy, and several of them require no med school, so I do have other options...but being a dermatologist sounds so awesome.