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I'd love to live everywhere...

Traveling makes up a substantial part of my life to date. Thus far, I have explored only this country, but that will soon be changing since I plan to study abroad as much as possible whenever possible in the years to come. For my home base, however, I should like to own a place in good old Minnesota--my favorite state. Yes, I am biased, having lived here my whole life, but biased or not, I love it here; why shouldn't I stay? Traveling requires the will to establish temporary homes in so many different and unfamiliar places that having a central home somewhere familiar is really quite necessary. Thus, Minnesota is the spot for me. To be more specific, I'd like a home in the Twin Cities since they have always been the center for amazing activites in Minnesota. I'd like a practical house in a friendly neighborhood with good security and a nice garden. I don't need anything too large and flashy since I'll be home only when I am not traveling. Of course, I'd like to be home often enough to enjoy the place, but that's a completely different matter.


Sounds like an exciting and awesome life.