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My interests have always been formed and fueled by exposure to new and curious things. The same, no doubt, is true of most people. As a kid, my parents took me to everything from museums to theatrical performances to old battle fields. I failed to appreciate most of these, but the experiences stuck with me nonetheless. As I got older, I thought of these educational trips as quite essential to my weekends and slowly began to appreciate the great scope of my resulting random knowledge. True, I remembered few facts, but my knowledge was more vast than simple fact-based samplings; instead, it consisted of irreplaceable emotive memories. These memories of countless trips and events contribute enormously to my variety of interests. In the right circumstances, I not only respect, but also enjoy, art, music, history, literature, nature, technology, exercise, science, nutrition, and many other things besides. On the surface, this appears to be a rather usual array of interests, but don't be fooled; each subject listed (and many not listed) goes so deep and possesses such a different meaning to me that I really am quite well-rounded if I do say so myself. At the same time, it becomes increasingly clear to me every day that there's an endless assortment of things I have had little to no exposure to, and that's what makes life so spectacular--I'll never run of out new things to be interested in.