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My Dream Home

I was born in The Netherlands and I think that has always given me an itch to explore the world as soon as I could. I have done a lot of travelling around the country and a little in Europe, but I am not satisfied. I think my dream home would be anywhere in the world that I could experience new things and face my challenges head on. I don't want to stay in any one place, but I could see myself having a place that feels more like home than anywhere else and to head back there throughout my life. I am not sure where that is yet, I haven't found it, but if I knew, that's where I would look up the housing market. I don't plan on going after money in my career, I want to do something that fulfills a much more important part of me. I don't need any fancy homes or expensive views, I can find those without having to live with it. Where ever I end up and can afford to be will be just fine with me.


Totally agree with you on the don't go after money in a career. Yaaa!