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Personally Meaningful Work

My career needs to mean something to me. I won't be able to justify getting up every morning and heading off to an unfulfilling job. That's why finding the right job is so important and, consequently, so difficult. I like thinking of myself being in the same field, job-wise, for the rest of my life (same field meaning I might change jobs, but I'd like to keep working on the same kind of thing). The hard part about that desire is that I can't seem to decide upon my chosen field of study. All I know for certain are things I really, really don't want to do. For example, working in a cubicle for some enormous company where the mere size of the company and my place in a cubicle suggest my unimportance. I'm going to be important. I mean it. Because I won't settle for working somewhere where I'm just another number, another mid-level employee. Perhaps that kind of job has meaning to other people, but it's not for me. Where I'd really like to be is in a position where I can help people--by informing them of things, helping them cope with stuff, trying to explain things to them, that kind of thing. That would be incredibly meaningful, and it's something I can see myself doing for life.