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Regarding the Happiness Test Results

I found our class's results to be not only fairly accurate for describing a random sample of people, but also very typical. People defined happiness as knowing oneself, doing something meaningful, being free, being without stress or cares, & just feeling good. But when it came to answering the question Who is responsible for your happiness? a majority of the persons surveyed gave someone else the job. I find it rather odd that so many people would turn over their happiness to others. It's good to count on people, but come on. You and only you are responsible for your happiness. You don't always feel as if you can control it, and sometimes you can't help feeling bad, but it's your own emotion, not someone else's. I think other people can add to or detract from your happiness, but they never determine it. The thing is, so many people let others take control of their emotional well-being that their answers to the second question are as good as true, even though they shouldn't be.


My first time responding, but I really enjoy reading your posts, you are very descriptive and put a lot of heart into your writing.