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Yet Another Career Possibility

I would consider taking on the role of a television announcer or host if and only if it were for some show or network that I consider outstanding. I’m talking like Sunday Morning or 60 Minutes or something of that caliber. In fact, one of the most fantastic jobs that I can think of goes would be something resembling driving around the country and reporting on rousing, previously-unknown stories of astounding proportions. I’d be similar to the guy on Sunday Morning who travels for the show and unearths the thrilling secrets of little towns. Mind you, what he uncovers is all good, fun stuff—none of that negative, our-country’s-falling-apart, downer junk. And I would do the same. My discoveries would, in an ideal world, be of the fabulous, heart-warming variety, but they’d also be informative. I’d journey to some endearing little town and find out what makes it tick. I’d passionately report on this spot and its oddities and I’d enchant audiences with tales of the town’s best-kept secret: where to go to see a breathtaking sunset, view an annual watermelon-eating contest, or play hopscotch with some serious players. It just sounds amazing.