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Career Possibility #1 (not my first choice, just the first to be looked into)

I’m participating in a service learning project as part of my symbolic logic class, and the main task of this project is to go and teach a sixth grader certain logic principles, methods and, vocabulary. While visiting the local elementary school, it occurred to me that being an elementary school teacher could be a charming potential job. Meandering through the halls brought about found reminiscences of my own time in elementary ed. A school’s materials and programs were one thing, but what really made or broke a particular grade level for me often came down to the teacher. I could be that teacher, I thought as I traipsed past colorful children’s artwork strung up with clothes pins on strings. It seemed like such a simple and happy little world, where the most intrusive question of the day was, “which group should I play with at recess?? Of course, being a teacher in elementary school would mean bigger and more important questions than those of an elementary school student, but it’s all relative. I still can’t see it being all that stressful of a job, considering other jobs I’ve thought about, such as a surgeon. However, I’m sure there’d be more worrying to it than what comes to mind initially. For example, elementary school teachers don’t get paid all that well, from what I’ve heard, and there can’t be all that much job security. On the other hand, summers off would rock. But do I really want to adhere to a school’s schedule for the rest of my life? Back to the other side…I love kids. I love their innocence and the way their minds work. I love them less when they’re screaming and puking and whining, but (a) that comes with the territory, and (b) I’ve been a babysitter and a nanny for long enough to know that those are some things I’m great at not only tolerating, but also dealing with. I won’t be modest, I’m good with kids, and I like working and playing with them. I’d also love to be that teacher, the one who really helps them grow and leaves a lasting impression on them. I don’t have to be in history books, I just want to positively affect as many people as I possibly can and leave my mark on the world in that way. So, elementary teacher, yes or no? I guess it’s still a toss up.