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Challenges I am Striving to Master

Most of the challenges I’m trying to master in my life are not yet specifically known to me. The biggest ones that I see happening are road blocks to what I want to accomplish, like monetary issues stopping me from being able to travel or timing gets to be really difficult. The most important challenge that I’m going to have to face is having to really work for what I want and not letting the fear of the unknown stop me. I haven’t yet been faced with a chance to travel on my own (without adult relatives) and I’m not sure how I will react. I know that at first I will be extremely excited, but I’m afraid that I will freak out when the time actually comes and sabotage the trip for myself. I don’t think I will really let myself do that, but I can see the struggle with myself as being one of the biggest challenges for me. Other challenges will be finding the balance between my desire to travel and see everything that I can and a more settled family life. I already know that my family life won’t be completely traditional, at least not in the settle down in the suburbs kind of way, but since I know that I want a family I am going to have to figure out how to deal with all the responsibility that comes with that and still accomplishing my dreams. I’m sure that once I come to that point I will be able to make the sacrifices necessary, but for now it seems a pretty daunting challenge.