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Exercise 3.2 Five Careers I’ve Daydreamed About

1. International Humanitarian Aid
2. Journalist
3. Scholar/Academic
4. Writer
5. Political Activist/Working in Politics

The occupations I have daydreamed about are in that order, but I’m not sure if they are all as plausible as I would like them to be, also, I’m not sure that I really want to do a few of them, I’ve just thought about them in passing. The occupations that my parents think I should do would be being a writer or journalist or be in politics. They support my desire to be in humanitarian aid, but my dad thinks that I write really well (which I’m not as sure about) and I think he wanted to be a writer and never was so he’s kind of pushing the dream on me. I think that others beyond my parents would think my list is crazy and that I should try and find something more realistic and something that I could either support a family on or that I could settle down and be “settled?. I think the ones that seem impossible would be being a writer or a journalist. I think it would be really great, but I just don’t see myself being able to have a career doing either. I haven’t studied writing enough or tried to write anything other than what I was required to for school and occasionally in a journal for either of those to be plausible at this point in time. I think the only one that is a fantasy would be a scholar/academic. I think it would be really interesting, but the only way I ever picture it is if I’m over in England or something and still get to travel to do all my research. I just don’t know if I could stick with it long enough to get that far and I wouldn’t know what I would want to study. I think the ones that could be hobbies are scholar/academic, writer or journalist, and being in politics. I don’t know that I would do all of those or all of those at once anyway, but I am interested in them and I just don’t think I could do any of them as my full time career.


If you could do all these at once then it would be impressive!