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Fantasy Goals

If I may be permitted to be completely fantastic, I’ll share a few of my life goals that will, more likely than not, never come into being.
#1: Going into space: Who wouldn’t like to make a trip to the moon? That would be a life-changing experience for anyone. In the last year, very infrequently, I’ve imagined myself as an astronaut, most likely working for NASA. I’d be the competent, diligent young lady who got to go into space prematurely, the youngest person to ever leave Earth’s atmosphere.
#2: Finishing a marathon: This one’s no so fantastic, I mean, lots of people do it. I’m just not much of a runner. I do know that I could do it if I trained and ran and got in the best physical shape of my life and all that.
#3: Writing and singing a song for a live audience: This isn’t so fantastic either. I’m pretty shy when it comes to singing in front of people, but I’ve done it dozens of times because I took voice lessons off and on for a few years, and performances/solos were mandatory. So, I have a semi-trained voice that I’m decently proud of. On top of that, I love writing and music, so writing a song that I could be passionate about would not be impossible. I think the hardest part would be getting up and singing a song that I told people I had written. Maybe I wouldn’t tell them until after.