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Good & Evil

Human nature is inherently good. I used to believe that all people (and by all, I mean most) were evil, but now I simply believe that all people (again most) are just stupid. People are greedy and selfish, yes, but they’re not evil. I suppose you could say I reached this conclusion after years of observation. Part of my decision even came down to some research and a paper I had to write in tenth grade for a history class. The paper concerned whether or not I believed mankind to be inherently evil or good, based on a comparison of Confucius and Han Fei, two old-school philosophers with opposing views. It’s rather difficult to take a side in some ways, since they’re both extremes, but I’m pretty firmly placed on the side of Confucius these days. I’m not even sure that I believe that evil exists. There have been some horrible people in this world, like Hitler and my aunt’s ex-husband, but no one’s completely evil. Everyone has motives, and if a person does something horrific seemingly without motives, they’re probably clinically insane. I just can’t believe in evil, no matter what terrible things people prove themselves capable of. Example: Nuclear bombs are just about the most insane, inhumane things I can think of. They’re in existence because people were stupid enough to make them. Some will argue that they’re necessary….but how in the world can that claim stand its ground? Once one state got nuclear weapons, other states had to, which lead to a security dilemma, which lead to less security all around. Why did we create such unearthly weapons???? We can’t seriously wish death and suffering upon so many people, yet we create things that do this. We’re not evil, just stupid.