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Inner Voices When Confronted With New and Difficult Challenges

When I have a new challenge my initial reaction was that I don’t want to deal with it. I didn’t want to have to do it or think about it or anything. However, after that I would end up pulling myself up and get excited to face it. I would start telling myself all the things that I could do and how amazing I was going to be when I actually came to it. I used to have to deal with my initial reaction a lot longer than I do now, sometimes I wouldn’t even be able to get over it. Now I start to think like that to myself and then I yell at myself to stop it because every new challenge I’ve had to face has made me a better person. There is no way to avoid challenging situations in life and if you take them in the right way you can grow from them and learn something more about yourself and about your strengths. Now when I am faced with a challenge I just remind myself of all that I’ve been through and how certain challenges have shaped me in ways that I’m really happy about and then I get really revved up to take on whatever it is. I really see how facing challenges is an indicator of your strength of character, but that you can also change how you react to them. The way I used to react would have shown me as fairly weak, but as I learned a better way to deal, I realized my own inner strength that was always there, I just had to show it.