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Myself in Terms of Adulthood

Most college freshmen like to think that they are so grown up, so mature, so ready for the independent, adult life. I am not one of those freshman. I believe that I am ready to be living on my own, in a dorm full of support systems, and I feel like I'm living an independent life, except for the bills that my parents pay for me. Basically, I see myself as ready to be a freshman in college, to experiment with my new ability to make all the decisions in my life, when to go to bed, who to hang out with, when/if to go to class, but I don't see myself as an adult in the traditional way. I define an adult as someone who is independent of others financially, can make mature and responsible decisions, and thinks about more than just what is happening the next day. Right now I am not financially independent, I can make some responsible decisions, but I still slip up all the time, and I'm lucky when I remember what is happening in a week let alone years down the road. I know this is all part of the growing up process, everyone has to go through that in between period of having the freedom but forgetting about the responsibility. I also know that part of the learning experience is having to face the consequences and learning from your mistakes. Just thinking about myself in terms of being an adult makes me uncomfortable because I know that I couldn't handle that responsibility right now. I am in the learning process and I hope to continue with it and to grow and mature so that when I need to be an adult, I really can be.