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Past, Present, & Future Thinking

The concept of time is viewed with a past, present, or future orientation…
I think a majority of my thoughts concerning time involve the future because I’m always thinking ahead, of what’s coming, and dreading, looking forward to, or feeling neutral about whatever’s up ahead. I may dwell on certain things from the past, but they’re never important things; they’re usually just little things involving people and “oh, I should have said that? situations. I’m actually pretty good at not regretting things once they’ve happened though, because I have sufficient control over my actions and speech and behavior. I also possess a handy mindset involving the words, “meh, nothing I can do about it now.? I’m usually aware of when I’ve done my best too, so a lot of things about past-stuff doesn’t get to me. As far as thinking about the present, well, it simply doesn’t happen for me. I absolutely cannot get myself to think in present-tense terms. I’m always thinking of what’s ahead or what’s behind me. There’s no middle ground. I’d guess that that’s because I have to make everything so fast-paced. I cannot, for the life of me, slow down, ever. Maybe it’s some psychological thing?