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People’s Reaction to Developmental Crisis

The reactions I’ve seen to developmental crises have been varied. On the part of my parents, my dad generally acts like a teenage boy who can’t express emotions and so it comes out as sort of irritable anger, whereas my mom seems to handle it pretty well. My mom will talk it out and come up with a solution and go for it, not that she never gets rattled, but it generally doesn’t last very long. My brother is a lot like my dad and will get moody and irritable, they especially do it when they are about to say goodbye to someone. I think they try and pick fights so that they don’t have to admit how much they will miss whoever it is going to be, but I know it to get a little annoying. I have seen the extremes as well, friends who just can’t handle being in college and trying to make new friends who end up with some serious issues, and other friends who completely thrive in new environments and really enjoy moving from place to place. There are a lot of different ways to react and it is good to see different people’s reactions so that you can determine which you would like to do and which you will try and emulate.