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Reflections on Daydreams of the Future

Here’s one of the many “ideal futures? for me:
I’m a licensed psychologist with my doctorate. I have my own private practice with a multitude of patients. We meet one-on-one in my office and discuss their many fears and aspirations. I provide a safe and healthy environment for them to unwind, relax, and put pieces together in their troubled lives. I love my job. I love it because it allows me to fulfill one of my many life goals: helping people in the most elementary way: by listening to them and assisting them in figuring out what’s really going on in their minds. I have a respectable practice, a high but not outrageously-high income—meaning I can afford to take fun and pragmatic vacations every year, but I’m not living in a mansion. I like to think that, even if I had the income, I wouldn’t live in a mansion unless it was entirely filled with people—my kids, my relatives, my family—but who knows what’d I’d really do with untold riches? Anyway, I own a cute and practical house that fits me, and whomever else I live with, in terms of space. If I live alone, I have a cute, cottagey house with a whimsical garden (maintained by yours truly) and many other things besides, but I’ll do more on a dream home in some other blog. If I am married with children, I live in a little bit bigger house that’s just as cute and inviting (which it will be no matter what, because I make it cute and inviting). Oh, and how could I forget? Whether I’m married with kids or no, I have at least two adorable, amazing, loving little dogs.