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A Serious Lack of Something

It is clear that human beings need appropriate levels of stimulation and opportunities to explore, interact with, and act upon the environment…

If that’s so clear, people should be exposed to more stimulating-activities in a given day. We are so underexposed to the wonderful world around us. Instead of enjoying a lengthy stroll in a nearby park, we sit inside all day and accomplish things that needn’t be accomplished. We tweeze our eyebrows and pay credit card bills and feather the dust off our appliances so that it can drift through the air and settle on our furniture. And while it’s true that some of us consider eyebrow tweezing stimulating, it would seem a mere nuisance if we only allowed ourselves to do more. What stimulates us these days? Coffee, pop, chocolate; in short, caffeine and sugar stimulate us. What if—and I know this sounds crazy, stay with me—what it more of us went out every day and did things, like really did things? What if society as a whole was not always expecting so much of us, so we actually had time to purposely get lost on a long walk or climb our neighbor’s great oak or learn an outlandish Latin phrase every once in a while? What if, because we enjoyed our jobs so much and had the extra time and energy, we went into work early to deposit Easter eggs with little notes or candy in coworker’s desks in the middle of August? We could get so much more out of life with the proper stimulation and stress-free lifestyles.


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