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Cultural Diversity

I always think it's really interesting to see how some people react to cultural diversity. Most people think it's for the best, at least in principle, and there are always those who are against it completely, but they are easier to figure out. I've never had a problem with cultural diversity simply because of the way I was brought up. I always had different cultures in my schools, especially in high school, and my parents never taught me to look differently at anyone because of our cultural differences. My high school was really good for opening eyes because there were a lot of different cultures with a lot of people belonging to each one. You could probably hear 5 different languages walking down the hallway if you paid attention, but I still know that there are people out there who get uncomfortable with it. I won't lie either, there are still times that I get uncomfortable with some cultural diversity when I feel outnumbered and unsure of the situation, but it is much easier for me to get over those feelings by talking to the people around me and realizing that we have a lot more in common than we thought. I think it will be very important for everyone to be able to handle cultural diversity in the workplace because it is getting more and more likely that you will be working with a large group of different individuals, so you better start getting used to it now.