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Experts Identify Really Significant Time-Wasters

Of the eight “really significant time wasters? identified by experts (trivial phone calls, unneeded meetings, unexpected and uninvited visitors, unnecessary conversation, responding to phony crises or emergencies, procrastination, failure to say “no,? and routine and unproductive trivia), I’m happy to say that only a few are actually present in my life to date.
Oh, on second glance, it appears that I’ve experienced six of the eight. Yikes. That’s quite a few more than I thought. It seems as though I’ve encountered all of those with the exception of unneeded meetings and responding to phony crises or emergencies, each of which I’m sure to have to deal with in the not too distant future, say, once I have my first real job. I’d like to say that those first six things shouldn’t really be all that difficult to cut out, but I know better. I suppose I could just try to cut them down, but even that would be challenging since a few of them are almost completely out of my control. Trivial phone calls should be easy enough, though, if they’re undesirable phone calls. I suppose I could just not answer my cell if I see that the person who’s calling is someone I don’t have time to or don’t really, really want to talk to. That seems so rude though….hm… What’s next? Unexpected and undesirable visitors—let’s see…I can’t really see much of a polite way out of this one either. When unexpected or undesirable persons show up, society expects us to deal with them in a hospitable manner. I could attempt to shorten their visits, but I don’t know how well that would work without offending said visitors. Moving on—unnecessary conversation. I suppose this is semi-avoidable, but it can also be fun. Procrastination: as if I’d ever be able to stop that. Procrastination is like a natural part of life. Everyone procrastinates to some extent. I suppose I could try to be better about it though, and, in fact, I’m much better about it than a lot of people. Still, I’ll try to be better. There’s something I can at least work on. What’s next? Failure to say “no.? Yeah, I can be pretty terrible about that. I know I’ve gotten much better, but I still need to work on that. I should practice more. It’s just maddening for me to think I’ve disappointed someone or even let someone down, even though I doubt they ever think about it in that sense. Finally, one left: routine and unproductive trivia. I’m not even sure what that is…so, how can I reduce its presence in my life?
All in all, it feels as if I have less control over these things than I’d like—that is, unless I want society to turn its back on me due to horrible behavior towards other persons. Perhaps I’ll just work on the procrastination.