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Financial Planning

I think I'm going to have the worst time with financial planning, not to say that I can't budget and all that, actually I think I will be good with those sorts of things, but the idea of planning for retirement seems a lot more difficult. I don't actually plan on making very much money in my career, enough to live and whatnot, but no more than that, so I think it is going to be difficult for me to realize when I need to put money away for retirement. I've always had something against choosing a career just to make money, just so you can buy that house and this car and whatever else you want. Not to say that people who think that way are wrong, I just always knew that I couldn't. I have a pretty good life right now, but I know that I could get by with a whole lot less and be just fine. I'm actually excited for the challenge of not being able to have a lot of frivolous things and having to make my own fun and entertainment through free things. I guess this attitude goes along with my craziness for career choice and being positive that I want to travel the world. I know I am not the typical American college student, but I think that's what makes my decisions even more fun to make, although I still am not sure how I'm going to be able to retire.....maybe I'll just marry rich...lol