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How We View Ourselves

It has recently been called to my attention that we view ourselves in relation to the performance of others quite a bit more than I thought. I feel as if I have known of this for a while, but I say that it has recently been called to my attention because I’ve failed to really think about it until lately. When I think of my achievements, it’s possible that I begin by comparing them only to my past achievements, but I turn so quickly to the accomplishments of others that it’s hard to tell where I began. This is true not only with accomplished tasks, but also with everyday things such as hairstyles and teeth. I want to say that the more-physical aspects mostly come up with girls, but that can’t really be the case. Although they may not speak about it as openly, guys are sure to think about these things as well; perhaps they simply think in other terms or of other physical attributes, such as physique. We do focus quite a bit on figures in our society. It seems so crazy though, that we may complete something great and then compare it to the work of another person, when everyone is so different. And it often makes great achievements seem so small and unimportant. We compare and contrast our waistlines, or grades, our incomes, even our miseries and lack of sleep. Why do we do it? Is it really so crucial to our well-being that we did better than he did on that paper or that we gripe about how much less sleep we got than she did? What a waste of time and energy.