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Present General Life Goal #3

My final of the three in this trilogy of goals is the most straightforward, but also the most detailed. I’ll start by stating it plainly: to become familiar with an even broader spectrum of people, places, events, and ideas. Clearly, this is not a short-term goal. In fact, this is more of the type of goal that lasts a lifetime, and I welcome its presence in mine. I’m not a flat character, the way many antagonists of children’s stories are, but rather, I am a round character—one with many sides and motives and plans. And in order to become such a round character, or person, I’ve had to be exposed to countless people, experiences, and ideas, as all people are. My goal here is only to continue that shaping of my being. I’d like to allow my person to keep on growing and changing, emotionally and in terms of experiences, throughout the entirety of my existence.