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December 12, 2007

Problem solving

As long as I can remember I've been a pretty good problem solver. It didn't matter if it was math or just an any day situation, I would find the answer that was best for me and anyone with me. Everyone should be good at problem solving to an extent because you literally can't go through your day without running into something where you need to problem solve to get going in the right direction. Especially with me wanting to be a lawyer or business man, problem solving is a key factor in both jobs. For that matter, I would have to say that every job that you may work, you have to know how to come up with a solution that is going to get rid of the problem. I find problem solving to be easy and it just happens throughout my day and when I come across a bigger problem, I manage it the same way I do all the others. I think there are street smart problem solvers and that there are book smart solvers and that each of them needs to be used at different times. But it is best to have both and I'm glad that for the most part I have them.

Managing Time

Managing time is something that I have been not so good at in the past, but am making great strides at. I've always been bad at time management and I don't know why or when it actually started. I can say I've always realized that I wasn't the best with time or figuring out how long it would take me to get from point A to point B. But being in college has helped me change that aspect a little bit. I'm still up at all hours of the night, but just the fact that I plan to do that because that is what I've always done and it has worked for me. And when I do this I usually plan a nap during the day so I can stay up the whole time and don't lose it. This goes against the clock in my body though, I have messed with my body clock to the point where I can fall asleep anytime of the day and it will be for around 4 hours guarenteed. At least I know that when I'm doing this I'm planning on staying up late, so that is working for my time management.

Goal Setting

Goals are a great thing for everyone to set. It doesn't matter who you are or what there for, as long as your setting them, the chance of you achieving those goals is higher. I've been goal setting my whole life, it's kind of a habit I guess you could say. For the most part I'm a perfectionist when it comes to most things. I don't know, it's just something I do and am glad I picked up the habit. So then it is easier fro me to set goals and follow through with them. But, then again on the bad side I tend to be a procrastinator, which is bad for school work and being on time to almost anything unless I have an urge or excuse to be early. This side of me throws off some of the time restraints I have on my goals or just that i do it all at the last second, but still reach my goal. At college I have many goals for myself, they all are going to give me the best chance at being what ever I end up being, whether it's a lawyer, football player, or business man.

December 11, 2007

fulfilling my needs

My needs are a big thing in my life that I don't always get. It's really stupid, but I'm not always myself when my needs aren't met. But then again who is? Somethings that I need are a lot of sleep, good healthy food, exercise, some tv mix in, and hanging out with friends. I have others, but those are my main ones and wished they were all fulfilled or at least will all be sometime during my lifetime. I don't have much more to add about this topic.

Soccer Life

Up til' now our team has done pretty well. I think we started out like 6-0. It was an amazing feeling, but then we lost our first game, which was kind of a downer. I was really mad because the team wasn't any better than us. We ended up beating ourselves which is never good and you almost always never win playing like that. Now our record is 12-4-2. A lot better than the 3-15-2 record they had last year even though it was there first year of mens soccer. Today we lost to Presentation at there place 1-0. It wa really windy out and we had some injuries. I ended up making a mistake, which they got lucky off of and scored. I was really mad at myself for what happened, but I knew I couldn't dwell on it, so I was going to just have to move on. We hope to win the UMAC championship at the end of the season. GO COUGARS!!!

Career Possibilities

I have 2 career possibilities which include being a lawyer or some type of a business man. I've wantd to be a lawyer since middle school. I have no clue how it started, but I have a few uncles who are lawyers. I know they make a good amount of money and thats another reason. I've always liked to argue my side ever since I was really young. It was just something I did. Being a business man would be a fun job to because I would be around people and make a lot of money. I don't know exactly what type of business man, but just a money maker. That's what my job is going to have to entail if i work that job long.

December 10, 2007


My heroes would consist of my mom, Adam Vinatieri, and Michael Jordan. I've always thought highly of Michael because I use to play basketball, but it's just amazing what he did and who he is. He has to put up with people all over him and he still manages to be a great person. Adam is one of my heroes because he is an amazing kicker and he did greta things after college. He went to a little college (SDSU) where he was the kicker and punter. After college he went to play football in Europe. The New England Patriots picked him up and he became one of the most clutch kickers of all time. He's won so many big games and even a couple Super Bowl winners. And my mom, she is an amazing woman who would do anything for anyone. She works really hard and doesn't complain. She's my biggest hero and I LOVE HER!!!


Obviously everyone has dreams, but not everyone makes or tries to make them happen. Dreams that I used to have as a kid were to become a pro soccer player and live the extremely rich life. Now I know that I don't want to be a soccer player, rather I'd be a pro kicker in the NFL. I'd need to transfer to a D1 school and kick there tho. An honest dream of mine that I want to have come true is me making a lot of money with a job that I don't dread going to every morning. I want to travel the owrld with my family and experience many things that I didn't as a kid. I just want my family to live a good life without any financial wories and my kids to grow up and become good people. I want them to be role models as kids and do everything they want to do in there lives with no regrets.

Career Cards

Those career cards were really fun and interesting to look at. I haven't heard of half the careers that I saw, but some of them looked really interesting and even got me thinking about them. They told you many facts about each career, even though i didn't read what all of them had to say. I thought they were really helpful. I wish that we had these cards in high school so we would have came to college with a little bit more knowledge about other possible careers then I did. Even if you knew you wouldn't ever work that career, it was still interesting to read about certain jobs.

Meaningful Work

My job needs to have some meaning to me because if not I wont be working that job long unless it has excellent pay. I would love to have a great paying job that I just can't wait to go back to work, but honestly what are those chances. Almost every job has a downfall to it. Meaningful work to me means that I might not be having the funnest time, but I'm getting out of it what I want. Like for instance, I want to be a lawyer. I know that you can graduate from college with pretty much any degree and become a lawyer. I will get paid pretty well, but it's a stressful job with a lot of extra work involved. In the end for me meaningful = money!!

Working with Diverse kids

This past summer I worked with little 1st graders at a summer school. I was a para in a class with ESL kids. My main job was to keep one of the kids on task because he had a lot of energy and needed to be reminded. Many if not all of these kids parents slightly spoke or didn't speak Englsh. It was really fun working with them because at that age they all looked up to you as a role model and followed me around. Since they were in class trying to improve their English, it was sometimes tough just to say, " are you kidding me, we just did this four times." Teaching and working with kids from other backgrounds is something that is a good experience because you have to be patient, when they don't understand or help them out. It gives me a great amount of respect for people who work in those types of circumstances where there is a language barrier or it's hard to communicate for there real jobs.

December 9, 2007

What adulthood means to me

What it means to be an adult can mean alot of diffrent things. Some think its when your 18, other 21, while others think its based on other factors such as college or having a good job.

To me being an adult is based on many things, evan at the age of 23 i still dont realy consider myself and adult. Things like being machure, making wise decisions, putting others first, having both book smarts and street smarts, (and believe me theres a hug differance between those) the thing i find least affecting to being an adult is age.
While leagely im an adult i do not realy feel like an adult. Sure im machure, can hold a good job, pay my bills and so on. But i think one of the big splits is doing what you need to do when you dont want to do it, as well as having the ability to get or do something for yourself but not doing so. Guess i feel kind of odd being a 23 year old freshman and taking classes with alot of 18 year olds. (damn youngins *shakes fist*) get off my lawn!!

why college is important outside of the obvious

Everyone knows that college is important for more than just one reason. Better job, more respect etc, etc, etc. While these are some of the bigger factors of going to college many people still miss possably one of the biggest reasons to go to college. Im writing this today because after reading a few blog posts by other people about the amount of feedom they have and that there are no "restraints". This brings me to a my point, or the missed point depending on how you look at it. The thing is that college is not so diffrent from being in high school and living with your parents. It always people to slowly transition into the "real world". it also provides a much needed structure that i myself was not granted, being that i went strait from high school to living alone and working in less than 12 hours is what makes this stand out to me.

college alows us to leave our homes but keeps us in a familiar atmosphere of having authority over our heads such as both teachers and our own peers. Many people think that going to college is the same as being on your own and making your own decisions, in some ways it is, and others its not. college also allows us the time to properly adapt to not having parents around in a much less harsh way. And on the other side it allows for an easier transion on the parents side as well

in my opinion these are some much needed things in many peoples lives that is often overlooked about the whole college experiance

December 5, 2007

Life Roles

There are many roles everyone lives during their life. Roles that I play are ; son, brother, cousin, grandson, friend, and roomate. All of the roles I play are extremely important to me because they are with people I care for. I'm invovled wit heveryones life and can make there day better or worse. Being a good son and brother is really important to me because everything I do makes people judge my family by how I act and the person I am. All of these roles are really easy for me because I try to be a good person everywhere I go and do things for people so it gives the my family a better reputation. I try to be the best cousin, grandson, friend, and roomate that I can. Like I said, what I do and who I hang out with gives everyone I'm connected with a little reputation. So I try and be the best overall person I can. I'm very glad my parents have a great deal in the way I act and how I play each role because they are good role models for me.

Being an Adult

Now that I'm 19 and considered an adult I've learned many things. Turning 18 isn't that special except for the fact your an adult and can get in more trouble doing things, not that I have, but people do. I look back at high school and all the drama that went along with it and am glad it's over. That can be 4 years you'll remember for the rest of your life or 4 years you want to forget completly because of all the immature kids. Being in college and living on your own with no one telling you what to do and when to do it makes you grow up real fast and is nice. College makes you find your priorites and manage your time wisely if you want to be successful. These are key things I've learned and worked on since being here. I'm really ready to graduate from college and get my life rolling. I can't wait to see what's ahead of me and what I'll end up doing.

Values & Interests in Life

There are many things that I value and care for in life. Many of those include having fun, being with friends and being able to be myself. I value my family, friends, God, education, and relationships. I care about them all because they matter to me and make me who I am. I've always been a family kid, when I was younger I saw my family a lot and my parents kind of edged that into who I am today. I Love my family and would do anything that I could for them. Even though getting older I haven't been around my family outside of my mom. day, and sisters as much as I did when I was younger, nothing changed. I value friends because they have a great deal to do with who you are and my friends are amazing people who I care for. I can always call a friend and do completly nothing with them and still have a lot of fun. Many memories are created with friends and even though you might not see them all the time, nothing changes. I believe in God and thats self explanitory. Education is something I value because it's what is going to get me a job and make me happy. Relationships are valued by me bacause they round you and you learn from everyone of them something new. Many things interest me ; sports, movies, law, working out, and food. Everday something new and exciting is noticed and I try to see myself doing it and make it an interest of mine.

December 3, 2007

Internet Jobs

Everyday the internet is expanding and more information is becoming accessible to us at an instant. However, I really don’t know what to think about job posting on the internet. I don’t necessarily think it is a bad thing, but I just think it is more impersonal then actually applying. I think when you apply on paper to a company it means you’ve spent time and think it is worth your time applying to the company which if I was hiring people, would mean something to me. I also think posting a resume online makes you generic and just like everyone else. You really don’t personalize your resume as much as you would if you were applying for one specific job. However, there are pros to posting your resume online. You could receive a really awesome offer you never would have known about otherwise, or maybe you could get a promotion. Several people who you never would have applied to could view your resume and you could get your dream job. Also, this could cut business expenses of advertising for a position because companies can just search the web for qualified people. I don’t know if I will post an online resume, however, chances are I will because this is a technological age and if you ignore it you’ll only get behind. However, for positions I am extremely interested in I will apply the old fashioned way.

College Acceptance

After reading all the information on what one needs to include with his/her resume I came to the conclusion everyone in college has already made a resume and cover letter in order to get into college. It seems a college application and scholarship applications are just mini resumes and scholarship applications. A resume has many of the same qualities a college application has. You list your activities, honors, grades, and talk honestly about yourself in order to get accepted. The only major difference between the two is a resume contains more “adult? information if you will. You move on from high school to college and need to include internships and work related experience just as to apply for school you include school experience. Cover letters are also a lot like scholarship essays. You need to state what your purpose is for both of them, why you think you are the best candidate, and you can include some qualifications.

Writing a Resume

When I was in 11th grade, I took a class called Careers in which we practiced writing resumes and cover letters. However, I barely remember anything which involved resumes and cover letters from that class besides our class criticizing our teachers resume and cover letter he put up for an example. Our principal came in and talked to us about how to write a good resume and cover letter, and I just remembered you need to make sure it is professional and has no spelling errors. These two things I now think are common sense. However, from reading this chapter I have gained insight to what a cover letter and resume is actually suppose to contain. I really didn’t know what content was supposed to be in these two things, and from this chapter I now have a pretty good idea. I am glad I found this information now because I will be able to start a rough resume and cover letter this summer as I will be working at a hospital or nursing home.

Dealing with stress and tension...

In order for me to deal with stress or tension I usually sit in my room and read a book or walk through things in my head htat would make me feel better and less stressed. Another thing I love to do when I am down in the dumps I get in my car and jsut drive and blare my music and sing out loud to get rid of my stress anf frustration it really works im telling ya! Other times I would ask a friend or twot o go out to a movie or out to supper to just get away from the normal everyday things and have some time away and that always helps too!

Quality of Life Factors

The three most important life factors for me would ahve to be: raising children, understanding self and health and personal safety. I have raising children as my number one because taht is the most important factor more me as of this point my main goal is to raise my son. Second is understanding myself, this class has really helped me to look deep into myself and learn new things about myself I never knew it seems as though I go day to day learning more and more about myself and it's a great feeling. Health and Personal Safety was my thrid choice because in order to live a happy life you need to feel safe and secure and know that nothing is going to happen to you and that you are healthy and living life to it's fullest. The three least important would be expressing onself creativeity, reading about,listening to, or watching concerts, sports,etc.., and participating in sports, active recreation or hobbies. I believe that in life you would be able to live without these three things. Expressing oneself creativity to me is like you express yourself everyday in each and every thing you do. The media is just another thing in life that you really don't need it's just there for entertainment, everyone needs entertainment but there can be many other ways to be entertained. participating in sports would have been in my top three last year probably but you don't need that to life life either it's there for you to have fun and enjoy yourself, as your get older things change and you have different perspecives on things you like and dislike. Hockey was my life I played hockey from thrid grade until I found out I was pregnant I was supposed to be a captain my senior year and was the third leading scorer of the team. when I found out I was pregnant I was devastated only because I couldn't play hockey and tahts one thing in life I loved so much!

Relationship with Parents

My mother works here at the University in the Science and Math office. My father works at Hancock Concrete as a purcahsing agent. Growing up was very difficult for me because my dad was in the National Guard my whole life growing up and we didn't really get to spend as much time with him as we should have. My mom pretty much raised the three of us kids the times my dad was overseas and at training every other weekend it seemed. I love both my parents but my mom is closest person to me I can talk to her about anythign and everything. Since I hit an obstacle earlier than I thought I would have in life I am still living at home my freshman year in college, it makes me feel like I'm set back a bit but it is great to have my parents to help me raise my son. I work about 4 nights a week and they are there to watch him when I work. Without my parents support I don't know where I would be today, they truly mean alot to me.

Picturing Myself in Old Age

Noone really ever wants to think about things like this because they are kind of depressing! When I think about beign an old lady I think about the ladies at my church who make the lunches and help out with cleanign the church and decorating it. This is the type of old lady I think I will be. I would love to be someoen that younger people could look up to and come to with questions or interviews about life or such things as that. Waht I did notice though about older women is that they tend to cut their hair short, but as for me I don't think as of right now I'd want to have long hair but my future ideas might change as I get older!

This period in my Life...

When I was younger I never really though about waht college would be like I just kept thinking about what I wanted to be and how I was going to starta family and have a huge house. Being in college gives you way more responsibiltiy than waht I expected. Procrastination is one thing I am terrible at. As for this point in my life, I am a single parent going to school full time and working a part-time job, 20 hours a week. Right now in order for me to care for my son this is waht I need to do and this is what I need to be doing to get through life. I never even thought about what life would be like with a child at 19 but as he gets older life becomes much easier. Att eh end of the day I just can't wait to pick him up from daycare and he smiles when I walk in the door! It's the best feeling in the world!

A Helpful Examination of What's to Come

It seems strange to admit it, but this blog really has proven itself to be a rather useful tool. Over the course of these last few months, I’ve written about school, possible careers, stressors, my possible future plans, life and fantasy goals, and numerous other topics, each of which has forced me to think on its topic a great deal more than I might have otherwise at this point in my schooling. I’m sure I wouldn’t have thought of most of the things I’ve written on had I not been prompted to. Cool. It's a pretty neat thing to be able to look back at my past entries too. I wish I had gotten one of these things a few years ago...I mean, it's such a great way to clear your head--by posting your thoughts for anyone to just stumble upon and absorb. The idea is just awesome. I should consider reading some other people's thoughts. What better way to gain new insights?

A Flash Back to College Applications

Reading all about the do’s and don’ts of cover letters and résumés, I can’t help but call to mind all the meticulous work the college applications of my previous year required of me. Those applications, man, those were hard core; but they also proved to be a great experience that I’m quite sure will have played at least a small part in preparing me for résumé stuff. In a very broad sense, a lot of the ideas behind college applications and job résumés are the same. For example, the point behind each is to put aside modesty and, without lying or boasting beyond belief, to sell yourself to the employer or the company or the university. I’m rather hopeful that writing a résumé is going to be a slightly shorter process than those college apps, but it might not be. After all, a résumé forces a person to look back at lots of things he or she has done during his or her lifetime, so it’s still quite a bit to make sure you’ve got in there. As I said, you’re basically selling yourself to these people; trying to convince them that you are, without a doubt, the best person for this position due to reasons x, y, and z. That mentality really helps with my nerves. When I think of how it’s only myself that I’m trying to tell these people about, it takes away a large part of the pressure, because I possess a good deal of self-confidence. Perhaps putting together a résumé won’t be so bad.

A Career Possiblity Revisited

I’ve done it! I have my own radio show; and, criminy, is it blissful! I may have an earlier time slot than I originally hoped for, but I don’t even care about that anymore. To be up early is what I once frequently practiced and loved well! And being up early to do something I enjoy…well, let’s just say it takes me back. It takes me back to the days when I was little and could awaken whenever I chose, but I had an early enough bedtime and less of a need for sleep so that I awoke early to play and watch happy little children’s shows. But this, radio broadcasting…this is like happy little children’s shows for the soul! I think I may have to work in radio. Now that I know how much happiness a simple two-hour time slot brings me, how can I not work in radio? To do otherwise would be foolish; now that I’ve found something, a possible career, that I know full-well makes me absolutely euphoric, how can I do anything else?


Already? Ok, so, it’s really not that early on that I should be wary of beginning résumés, but it still seems so weird to be learning about them. I think it’d feel weird at any point, so what can one do? My sister’s in her third year of college and she’s been working on her résumé for awhile now, which should suggest to me that one does start these things fairly early in their undergrad life, if not sooner, but still, it’s weird. It must be the case that, whenever I think of a résumé and don’t immediately think back to my part-time job at Barnes & Noble, I think strictly of adults who are in their late 30’s or older and are either searching for their first job (which would be a little ridiculous) or switching from one job to a higher up position. Me, writing a résumé….it even sounds odd. Not odd in a bad way, mind you, just odd. Beginning work on a résumé suggests to me that I’m nearing adulthood; which, I suppose, is true, but it’s such an out-of-the-ordinary thing for me to consider. I’m not sure I’m ready to be an adult just yet.

How is Effort Optimism a Part of My Worldview?

I am a big fan of effort optimism. I don't use it all the time, but I definitely employ it for long periods of time. I usually get to a point that I feel like everything is either going wrong or it at least isn't going right before I start using effort optimism. Once I start though, it is a great feeling that I usually like to keep around for a while. I usually end up getting some time to be alone and really think about life, it's almost like I'm taking a break from everything, and then I realize all the stupid misinterpreting I've been doing. I start realizing what has actually been happening in my life and how I should be feeling. I really like when I get into these moods because I get to realize how great my life really is, which always makes me happy. I generally keep it going long enough to get out of my slump and then good things start happening again. However, when I get to that point I stop worrying about being optimistic and I will eventually slide back into a slump. These slumps are never terrible, it's usually just a week of being slightly below happy that can be pretty draining, but I always come up with a way to fix it again.

Self-fulfilling Failures

I used to have a lot of self-fulfilling failures in my life. I used to think that a lot of my problems had to do with the people I was around, not me. I didn't think I was any different from anyone else so I really didn't understand when I had to deal with things that other people didn't have to deal with. As I've gotten older, however, I have been much better about realizing what I have control over. I know now that I teach people how to treat me and if I don't like something that is happening I need to stand up and change it. I can't expect different reactions from people until I change the way I'm behaving towards them. This example works in other aspects of my life as well. I have to take responsibility for my actions and how I perceive the situations I come in contact with. If I believe that I have control I can make possibly negative situations into positive ones and not feel that very stressful sense of hopelessness that many people feel when they believe that life is happening to them rather than feeling like they have some control over what happens.

The Future Can Be So Ambiguous...

If you were going to be dead in six days, would you really want to know? As I sit here and contemplate an early death (don’t worry, I’m not suicidal), I wonder about the answer to that question. Due to the ambiguity of all things in the future, and to the lack of authentic fortune-tellers, we’ll never really know what career or lifestyle or partner awaits us. But that’s a good thing, right? Not knowing who’s around the corner or what we might have for breakfast if the local café is out of oatmeal monster cookies? I guess I’d say that that is a good thing. Besides, certain sporadic events would never be as much fun if you knew all about them in advance. Hence the word, “sporadic,? which is a very amusing word, by the way. For me, it always brings up an image of square-dancing toadstools. Anyway, the above question might be a bit more daunting than “would you want to know what career you’ll end up with?? or something, but, on the whole (at least with the semi-lighter questions), I think I can say with some self-assurance that I wouldn’t like to know what lies ahead before things come along on their own. What fun would that be?

Physical Self-Care

Of all the self-care topics, this is the one that I always think of first, but rarely do I actually act on those thoughts. It isn't that I am in bad shape, physically, it's just that I don't think about it very often. I eat decently and I am in pretty good shape, but it isn't because I try to be. The food I like just happens to be generally good for me and I am just active enough to keep myself in shape. I don't seek out exercise (I don't go to the gym or do anything like jogging or anything else) and what I eat is not always the best for me. I think that I am just active enough in getting around campus and what I do when I'm hanging out that I don't need to exercise anymore than that and I also know when I'm full so I don't over eat even when I'm eating junk food. I think if I focused on it more I would have less stress in my life and feel better all around. I think that I will get more into that as I get older, but right now I am comfortable with what I do now.

FINALS: A Six-Letter Word for STRESS

Finals are fast approaching. Quick! Freak out! I can’t think of a better synonym for stress than “finals.? Ugh. This semester’s finals are still about two weeks away, yet my heart pounds more rapidly every time I think of them. Actually, thinking of finals at the beginning of a semester makes my heart race. I don’t even normally freak out over tests (well, that might not be true…), but finals are enough to get me going. I guess it’s just the thought of being thoroughly and painfully tested on so much information that’s been taught and hopefully learned over the fast few months. Although I know why we have finals, I find myself asking the obvious question, the question that all college students dare to think, but not all dare to ask…why do we have finals??? Perhaps they’re not a big deal to some, but I doubt it. I think the thought of finals is enough to stress out anyone. Those cumulative finals are just killers, too. How can professors seriously think to test you on an entire semester’s worth of knowledge in one sitting? Bleah…I’m getting stressed just writing this.

Happy Events Causing Stress

You don’t have to tell me that sad or disheartening events are not the only kinds of happenings that cause stress. I know better. I could simply look at the last weekend I experienced that went above and beyond the ordinary weekend and was loads of fun—Thanksgiving weekend. Although, technically, that was a four-day weekend and a break from school, it was still a weekend, and an extraordinarily-amazing one at that. Going home for the break was great, but even the car trip wore me out. On top of the round trip being about seven hours is the fact that I barely stopped moving during those four days. I got home and then I went out to see friends and then came home and cleaned up and slept and got up and went out again…and so on. I was in the most euphoric of moods throughout, but it sure was stressful to go out and come home and get this and do that. I felt as if, even though the weekend was jam-packed, I could, and maybe should, have done so much more. Even thinking about all of the things that I could have been doing as I did other things caused some stress. And even sleep didn’t alleviate that stress, because I allowed myself less of the stuff in order to fit extra people and places into each day. Recalling that weekend alone arouses both feelings of anxiety and joy. I can’t wait for the four-week break that’s coming up! Bring on the stress and happiness!

Dealing with Frustration

How do I deal with my frustration over school, people, politics? The first thing I tend to do is search for the nearest source of tasty tea. Unfortunately, I often find myself in a place or situation where making tea at the necessary moment is out of the question. And because tea solves everything, not having access to it at my moments of need can be quite disastrous. However, because I have lived a majority of my life without tea (before discovering its tastiness and soothing abilities), I have other methods shelved in the back of my mind to help me. The primary second step seems to be for me to retire to somewhere private—or at least quiet—where I can gather my thoughts and calm myself. This step is usually not even necessary unless I’m in the foulest of moods or simply beyond the point of being able to reason something out with another individual. In actuality, I hardly ever get angry-frustrated, it’s usually just annoyed-frustrated, if you catch my drift. Even so, I’ve found that slipping away into a quiet area helps a great deal, with either sort of frustration.

December 2, 2007

Spiritual Self-Care

Self-care is important in every way, but spiritual self care is one that I think most of us forget about. Every time a discussion of self-care the physical and emotional are the ones we think of first. Spiritual self-care usually makes people uncomfortable to talk about, although I know I think about it more than I might admit. It is the kind of topic that makes me uncomfortable to think about, especially since we are at that stage of life where we are starting to shed the beliefs that our parents gave us and are creating our own. It's really hard to realize that you don't have a solid set of beliefs like you had when you were a kid, but you still don't feel like you can keep those without questioning the reasoning behind them first. I know that many people actually keep their parents beliefs, but I know that I am going through a major transition period with my own beliefs and trying to figure out if what my parents brought me up to believe is what I'm going to hold on to for the rest of my life. I do believe, however, that as long as you are thinking about it, even if you aren't sure what you believe yet, it is taking care of yourself to keep thinking about it rather than pushing the thoughts away and pretending like that part of your life doesn't exist.

One Way to Control Emotionally Well-Being

I am generally a balanced individual, emotionally/mentally speaking. I do have some stress, but nothing that is ever overboard. I have gone through some things in my life that have helped me reach this place of equilibrium. I have learned that a lot of what causes mental or emotional problems are simply the way in which we perceive the situations around us. I have learned that it is very important to feel like we have control over our emotions and what happens in our lives. One thing that can make life very difficult for us is if we see everything as happening to us instead of taking ownership or having some control over it. This view on life makes us the victim and makes us believe that everyone is out to hurt us. If you realize that you have control and that you have a say in what happens in your life you will have much healthier mental/emotional reactions to stressful situations. It is a well known fact that everyone wants to have control of their life and one of the easiest ways to do it is to take control of your emotions and how you perceive the world.