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A Flash Back to College Applications

Reading all about the do’s and don’ts of cover letters and résumés, I can’t help but call to mind all the meticulous work the college applications of my previous year required of me. Those applications, man, those were hard core; but they also proved to be a great experience that I’m quite sure will have played at least a small part in preparing me for résumé stuff. In a very broad sense, a lot of the ideas behind college applications and job résumés are the same. For example, the point behind each is to put aside modesty and, without lying or boasting beyond belief, to sell yourself to the employer or the company or the university. I’m rather hopeful that writing a résumé is going to be a slightly shorter process than those college apps, but it might not be. After all, a résumé forces a person to look back at lots of things he or she has done during his or her lifetime, so it’s still quite a bit to make sure you’ve got in there. As I said, you’re basically selling yourself to these people; trying to convince them that you are, without a doubt, the best person for this position due to reasons x, y, and z. That mentality really helps with my nerves. When I think of how it’s only myself that I’m trying to tell these people about, it takes away a large part of the pressure, because I possess a good deal of self-confidence. Perhaps putting together a résumé won’t be so bad.