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A Helpful Examination of What's to Come

It seems strange to admit it, but this blog really has proven itself to be a rather useful tool. Over the course of these last few months, I’ve written about school, possible careers, stressors, my possible future plans, life and fantasy goals, and numerous other topics, each of which has forced me to think on its topic a great deal more than I might have otherwise at this point in my schooling. I’m sure I wouldn’t have thought of most of the things I’ve written on had I not been prompted to. Cool. It's a pretty neat thing to be able to look back at my past entries too. I wish I had gotten one of these things a few years ago...I mean, it's such a great way to clear your head--by posting your thoughts for anyone to just stumble upon and absorb. The idea is just awesome. I should consider reading some other people's thoughts. What better way to gain new insights?