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Dealing with Frustration

How do I deal with my frustration over school, people, politics? The first thing I tend to do is search for the nearest source of tasty tea. Unfortunately, I often find myself in a place or situation where making tea at the necessary moment is out of the question. And because tea solves everything, not having access to it at my moments of need can be quite disastrous. However, because I have lived a majority of my life without tea (before discovering its tastiness and soothing abilities), I have other methods shelved in the back of my mind to help me. The primary second step seems to be for me to retire to somewhere private—or at least quiet—where I can gather my thoughts and calm myself. This step is usually not even necessary unless I’m in the foulest of moods or simply beyond the point of being able to reason something out with another individual. In actuality, I hardly ever get angry-frustrated, it’s usually just annoyed-frustrated, if you catch my drift. Even so, I’ve found that slipping away into a quiet area helps a great deal, with either sort of frustration.