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FINALS: A Six-Letter Word for STRESS

Finals are fast approaching. Quick! Freak out! I can’t think of a better synonym for stress than “finals.? Ugh. This semester’s finals are still about two weeks away, yet my heart pounds more rapidly every time I think of them. Actually, thinking of finals at the beginning of a semester makes my heart race. I don’t even normally freak out over tests (well, that might not be true…), but finals are enough to get me going. I guess it’s just the thought of being thoroughly and painfully tested on so much information that’s been taught and hopefully learned over the fast few months. Although I know why we have finals, I find myself asking the obvious question, the question that all college students dare to think, but not all dare to ask…why do we have finals??? Perhaps they’re not a big deal to some, but I doubt it. I think the thought of finals is enough to stress out anyone. Those cumulative finals are just killers, too. How can professors seriously think to test you on an entire semester’s worth of knowledge in one sitting? Bleah…I’m getting stressed just writing this.