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Happy Events Causing Stress

You don’t have to tell me that sad or disheartening events are not the only kinds of happenings that cause stress. I know better. I could simply look at the last weekend I experienced that went above and beyond the ordinary weekend and was loads of fun—Thanksgiving weekend. Although, technically, that was a four-day weekend and a break from school, it was still a weekend, and an extraordinarily-amazing one at that. Going home for the break was great, but even the car trip wore me out. On top of the round trip being about seven hours is the fact that I barely stopped moving during those four days. I got home and then I went out to see friends and then came home and cleaned up and slept and got up and went out again…and so on. I was in the most euphoric of moods throughout, but it sure was stressful to go out and come home and get this and do that. I felt as if, even though the weekend was jam-packed, I could, and maybe should, have done so much more. Even thinking about all of the things that I could have been doing as I did other things caused some stress. And even sleep didn’t alleviate that stress, because I allowed myself less of the stuff in order to fit extra people and places into each day. Recalling that weekend alone arouses both feelings of anxiety and joy. I can’t wait for the four-week break that’s coming up! Bring on the stress and happiness!