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How is Effort Optimism a Part of My Worldview?

I am a big fan of effort optimism. I don't use it all the time, but I definitely employ it for long periods of time. I usually get to a point that I feel like everything is either going wrong or it at least isn't going right before I start using effort optimism. Once I start though, it is a great feeling that I usually like to keep around for a while. I usually end up getting some time to be alone and really think about life, it's almost like I'm taking a break from everything, and then I realize all the stupid misinterpreting I've been doing. I start realizing what has actually been happening in my life and how I should be feeling. I really like when I get into these moods because I get to realize how great my life really is, which always makes me happy. I generally keep it going long enough to get out of my slump and then good things start happening again. However, when I get to that point I stop worrying about being optimistic and I will eventually slide back into a slump. These slumps are never terrible, it's usually just a week of being slightly below happy that can be pretty draining, but I always come up with a way to fix it again.