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Life Roles

There are many roles everyone lives during their life. Roles that I play are ; son, brother, cousin, grandson, friend, and roomate. All of the roles I play are extremely important to me because they are with people I care for. I'm invovled wit heveryones life and can make there day better or worse. Being a good son and brother is really important to me because everything I do makes people judge my family by how I act and the person I am. All of these roles are really easy for me because I try to be a good person everywhere I go and do things for people so it gives the my family a better reputation. I try to be the best cousin, grandson, friend, and roomate that I can. Like I said, what I do and who I hang out with gives everyone I'm connected with a little reputation. So I try and be the best overall person I can. I'm very glad my parents have a great deal in the way I act and how I play each role because they are good role models for me.