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Managing Time

Managing time is something that I have been not so good at in the past, but am making great strides at. I've always been bad at time management and I don't know why or when it actually started. I can say I've always realized that I wasn't the best with time or figuring out how long it would take me to get from point A to point B. But being in college has helped me change that aspect a little bit. I'm still up at all hours of the night, but just the fact that I plan to do that because that is what I've always done and it has worked for me. And when I do this I usually plan a nap during the day so I can stay up the whole time and don't lose it. This goes against the clock in my body though, I have messed with my body clock to the point where I can fall asleep anytime of the day and it will be for around 4 hours guarenteed. At least I know that when I'm doing this I'm planning on staying up late, so that is working for my time management.